one direction imagines

imagines of one direction


5. authors note

             it was a Monday afternoon and you were shopping with Eleanor and Perrie you kept seeing  Eleanor staring at her phone with a worry and angry look on her face as well as Perrie. you kept asking them what was happening but you got the same response " its nothing Aria ". it was driving you bananas. you finally decided to check twitter and there it was your three year boyfriend cheating on you with demi lovato. you ran at of the mall while Perrie and Eleanor chasing after you .

                             Niall's (pov)

 I really hope Aria doesn't see the picture I mean it was photoshopped is not real. "lad calm down she'll understand" harry said.


you got home and saw niall in your guys living room. u slowly crept up to your guys but  you weren't quite enough niall tried hugging u but u backed away. "aria what wrong"? "wats wrong!is that you just cant go kissing demi lovato and not expect me to not be mad are you that dumb!"Aria it was photoshopped I didn't kiss her. ya sure you didn't"."Aria im not lieing she asking me how you were and I said u were fine and that I was asking you to marry me " "you were wat!" "aria well you marry me?" "yes a million times yesss"!

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