Ashes of a Broken Heart

Z is a lonely girl. She has moved around her entire life because of her alcoholic father. When Z moves to the small town of Ravensford, Tennessee she meets a bad boy named Scout. What will happen when the two fall for each other? Will they survive loves challenges or will the fall prey to tragedy?


2. the ride home

    I thought to myself maybe I deserve this .maybe I deserve to get the shit beat out of me . in my heart I knew I was wrong ,I didn't deserve this .I deserved a whole lot better . why did this happen to me . I am so afraid that one day he will go to far and finish me off . finally deciding I went to my bedroom and went to bed . I set my alarm for 5 dad does not come home until 6 a.m. .                      woke up before my dad got home .I knew if I didn't he would beat me for the hell of it .I got dressed ,and looked in the mirror. my eye was black and blue today. what am I going to do . I couldn't go to school like this . so I thought to myself . my make-up that's it I could cover it up . I grabbed my foundation and all my face make up . I put my foundation on my eye and it started looking pretty normal but the swelling what was I to do about the swelling . you could tell.

           I just hoped no one would notice my eye . so I started walking to school . As I was walking I noticed this guy was following me . At first I didn't pay attention to him. but then he grabbed me by the arm ,and said well aren't you a pretty little slute.i couldn't get away he was stronger than me . he pinned me down and tried to force himself on me but I got my foot loose and kicked him in the balls. I ran as fast as I could . I finally got away from him. looking at my phone I noticed the time . It was almost 7:50 a.m. . my classes start at 8:00 a.m.    When I did make it to the school, I had just enough time to get to my locker . I walked into my class room . I was late . Mrs. lorry asked "why I was late "? I thought to myself ,I couldn't tell her I was nearly raped but I have to tell her something . Mrs. lorry just stood there waiting for an answer . so I made a little lie up "my alarm clock went off to late". I told her .          Mrs. lorry said ok and told me to take my seat . so I did ,I was going to lay my head down like I always do ,but I seen all these notes just laying there on my desk . I read all of them and they all said "fat ass ,lesbo lover, emo and goth chick ." I knew where they came from , Samantha and her little cult .

       Why did they hate me so much ? what did I do to them to make them be so cruel . I crumpled them papers up and throw them to the ground . I layed my head down ,and sobbed ,but no one heard me.         Scout was not there that day. the next day scout stopped by my locker ,and said are you doing anything to night?" I felt myself blush and I told him no I don't have any planes . he looked at me and said you do now . meet me beside the coke machines after your 3rd block is over . ok I told him . I wonder what he is planning . I thought to myself .                     I didn't mind missing two classes . we didn't do anything anyway . 3rd block was over and I went to the coke machines to wait for scout . after a couple of minutes he finally showed . " sorry it took so long .Mr. daily wouldn't let me go right away." its ok I told him. you ready to go? he asked me . I shook my head and motioned yes .     we had to sneak behind the bleachers so no one would see us . when we finally got to his motorcycle I just looked at him like you really expect me to get on that . he looked at me , and said "don't worry I have a helmet for you ,and as long as you hold on tight to me you will be safe ." ok I finally told him and I got on the back of the motorcycle ,and I hesitated for a moment because I didn't want to freak him out but then he grabbed my hands ,and put them on his waist. He starts it up ,and we go down the road . I layed my head on his back to shield the wind from my face . I felt him smile to himself ,and blushed a little . I never thought to ask were we were going . I just kind of went with it . I feel like I can trust scout . I feel safe around him. we finally stopped at this little pull off beside the road .                      The view there was amazing I thought to myself . all I could say was o my god its beautiful . you can see the whole town from here.  scout looked at me ,and said yeah it really is; this is where I come to think about things. what kind of things do you think about? I asked him . mostly life ,and how to get through it . he answered . I looked at him and said . I'm glade I'm not the only on who thinks about that kind of stuff . scout just stared at me and said this view is not the only thing that is beautiful." I started to blush and smile . then I said ."and what might be as beautiful as this view ?" scout looked deep into my eyes ,and said "you zena ". really me I said surprised . how many girls have you said that to and took up here . I asked him playfully . he hesitated for a moment and said ." actually you are the first person I have taken up here , and said that to.       I gave him a half smile and said that is so sweet of you . both of us sat on the rocks beside the railing . scout looked at  me and with such a romantic look. he pushed a strand of my hair behind my ear and leaned in and kissed me. it was so passionate . I have never been kissed or even been liked by any guy before . this was my first real kiss .                      after the kiss he said to me " zena your not the one who gets picked on like that by Samantha and her little cult." I looked at him , and asked him . " you to ?" yes he said to me . I grabbed his hand and we just held hands ,and he asked in such a sexy voice ." Zena will you be my girlfriend ." I thought for a moment . "yes scout I will." then I leaned in and kissed him .                         scout took me home . when we got to my place , he started to walk in but I stopped him and said no . he looked at me with a confused face and  asked why . because the apartments messy I told him . it was the first thing that popped up in my head . I couldn't let him in because if my dad was home then I don't know what he would do .             scout seen I was worried. ok he said then kissed my forehead and said I will see you later . ok I told him .  I went through the door that lead up to the stares and to my apartment . I took my key out and unlocked the door . as soon as I got in I noticed something different more like a funny feeling I guessed . I was not alone . then right out of nowhere my dad came screaming at me . he grabbed me by my throat and beat me with his fist . the pain was so excruciating I felt as if I was going to die . maybe this was the end now . maybe he is going to finish me off . he kept screaming "how did I get stuck with a daughter like you?" I couldn't breath but I managed to gasp out theses three words . "I don't know ." but he didn't hear me . then I seen him swing his leg back I knew what was coming and it came . a sharp pain in my ribs .he kicked me in the ribs and kept doing it repeatedly. "WHAT?" he screamed at me . but I couldn't answer.                                     He kicked me again . then picked me up like I was nothing . he held me up by my throat I couldn't breath ; I gasped for air ,but it didn't come .he carried me by my throat to my room . I scratched at his hands with my nails for him to release me . he finally did . as he throw me to the ground in my bed room he screamed ."FAT ASS HORE ".  then he slammed the door . I found my phone on my bed as I crawled in pain to it . I looked though it and found a number that I didn't recognize .it said your boyfriend scout . I dialed the number hoping he would answer . " Hello? " Zena is that you.? I couldn't talk much but I tried to manage and I choked out the words ." yes " . "what's wrong zena what's happening?" he heard me crying . " I need you to come get me please hurry." I managed to say ." I will be right there baby hold on what is your apartment number!?" scout told me and asked me  in a panic voice."323 its the 3rd floor ." I told him painfully . then he hung up .                                I managed to get myself up and walking . I opened my bedroom door with one hand on my ribs and the other on the door .I looked down the hall my dad was gone I was positive . I walked slowly down to the door that led outside every step I took was so painful . I finally made it and I sat on the steps waiting for scout . scout pulled up and parked his motorcycle on the side walk and ran to her . "who did this to you "? he asked her .I just looked at him and said." can we talk about this later please ? I need to go to the hospital now I think my ribs are broken ." ok he said and he picked me  up and put me on the motorcycle .                           when we got to the hospital  scout carried me in and screamed at the nurses. in panic and worry . " help please help her ". the nurses started to panic at the sight of me and they told scout to lay me down on the bed that they rolled out for me .then they asked what happened ? scout knew I didn't want no one to know so he made a story up . "I found her in an alleyway just please help her ." he told them .          


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