Ashes of a Broken Heart

Z is a lonely girl. She has moved around her entire life because of her alcoholic father. When Z moves to the small town of Ravensford, Tennessee she meets a bad boy named Scout. What will happen when the two fall for each other? Will they survive loves challenges or will the fall prey to tragedy?


14. the ending

Scout's pov;


The doctors released her from the hospital insisting that I put her in a place were they can help her but I know what they do. I have been to one of those places and i escaped . They didn't help me they made me worse . So no she is not going there I told the doctors . We walked to the car that i just bought . I opened the door for her ,as she stepped in I start to think what if one day I lose her ? Then I just forget it because I will never let that happen . She will always and forever be my angle . 




z's POV; 


             I feel so bad for worrying scout so much . Not knowing he truly loved me in the first place was selfish of me . What the hell is the matter with me I think to myself as we  drive down the road back to the hotel . Maybe I am a fuck up just like my father once told me ,but maybe not . You see I really see the world different now .                                     What I mean is that I think life might be OK with just me and scout . We are going to be ok now and I can see it now . When I wanted to take my own life and nearly succeeded I didn't realize how much I mattered to him . I was loved by him in the most extraordinary way and i am  so thrilled I know that now  .                                  I grabbed scouts hand and he squeezed it tight . Whispering to him I say "We found each other, and I will always be your angle ." He smiled and said to me " Its like you read my mind ". I smiled back at him as he kissed me and then said with a smile . " Lets go home angle ". 




                                        from then on that hotel was our home until that one final night !







sorry guys it took me so long to get this last chapter to you guys . thank you for being so patient with me . I love you all be yourself and don't let anyone get in the way . xoxoxo forever   

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