Ashes of a Broken Heart

Z is a lonely girl. She has moved around her entire life because of her alcoholic father. When Z moves to the small town of Ravensford, Tennessee she meets a bad boy named Scout. What will happen when the two fall for each other? Will they survive loves challenges or will the fall prey to tragedy?


13. the awakening

Scouts pov;

Why would she do this to herself . I thought to myself as I ran in the room and called 911 . 911 what's your emergency ? The lady said . My girlfriend . . . I need and ambulance . I said hesitating . Ok sur. there on there way . I hung up so I could go of zena . I could see her laying there looking lifeless . I grabbed her up in my arms . Checking her plus I could tell she had a little bit of one . I quickly grabbed a rag and wrapped it around her writ so the blood would bleed out as bad . Then I heard a knock at the door and hour later . I knew it had to be the ambulance so I opened it and they came flooding in the room . They got her in the bed they brought in and carried her out . Driving to the hospital all I could think about was she ok she has to be ok . I love her to much to lose her now . Getting to the hospital I waited in the waiting room until they came in to give me an update .

Hours later the doctor came to the waiting room and looked at me . "Are you scout "? He asked me . Hesitating I said yes sir, I am . He smiled at me . Your girlfriend zena is going to be fine . Now she lost a lot of blood but she is ok . He told me . I felt a great weight of worry lifted off me and tears came down my face . She was going to be ok I kept saying . Looking back at the doctor I asked him if I could see her ? He smiled at me again and said yes you can sir .then leading me down the hall we finally got to z's room and I walked in . She was laying there still asleep but breathing . My angle was alive . I grabbed the chair that was sitting in the corner of the room and sat it by zena . Holding her and I drifted off to sleep .

Z's pov ;

I wake up to whit walls and beeping noises . We're was I ? My mouth was dry and I felt something on my right hand . I look down to see that a ivy was in my had . Pupping Medicean in my body ,but then all of a sudden I felt something holding my left hand . Seeing scout be that something holding it made me feel comfort inside . I rises up and kiss his head . He lifted his head up with puffy eyes from him crying . "Your awake he said with his big smile that lights up the room . He kissed me tight and told me " don't ever do that to me again angle . I couldn't bear to lose you ." Shanking my head ok I kissed him again . "I promises I won't ". I said with tears in my eyes. He then grabbed me up and he laid in the bed with me . Putting me in his arm ,then say " I love you with all my heart angle , I will never let you go I love you .

Hope you like this chapter guys sorry it's late . I got bossy with homework and stupid people at school . Hope you guys are being you and staying beautiful . Because no matter what propel say I will always love you guys don't forget .;)

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