Ashes of a Broken Heart

Z is a lonely girl. She has moved around her entire life because of her alcoholic father. When Z moves to the small town of Ravensford, Tennessee she meets a bad boy named Scout. What will happen when the two fall for each other? Will they survive loves challenges or will the fall prey to tragedy?


4. soul mate's

Z's Pov;



             Every bump on the road was like a knife inside me . It took everything I had not to cry . We finally made it to scout's parking lot outside his apartment .He turned the motorcycle off ,and swung off . Then he look's at me and asked "Are you ok babey"?

          I nodded my head up and down for yes because I couldnt realy speak because of the pain .

"Do you want me to carrier you in "? He asked me . I just looked at him for a moment then I choked out the words "yes. please ". Scout picked me up ,and carriered me to his apartment .

   I had my armes around his neck with my head in the creas of his neck . We got to his apartment ,and he said to me " I have  to set you down now angle ,just for a minute ." "ok " . I said to him as he set me down to unlock the door .Then he layed the keys on the table beside the door ,and picked me up again .

  Scout layed me on his bed slowly and carefully not wanting me to hurt . Then he leaned down and kissed me on my lips . He layed beside me and I leaned into his arm laying my head on his chest ." Who did this to you zena?" He asked me with worryed eyes .                 "If I tell you ,you will never look at me the same ". I told him . I could feel my eyes burning from the tears that were  about to fall . He kissed my fourhead and said."try me ".

                   I hesitated for a moment then I just said it ." My father I pissed him off . I didnt mean to .....I should have cleaned the house befor he came home ,I should have been a better daughter ." I started crying on his chest . He just held me and said .                       "I still see you the same angel . please stop crying ,its going to be ok ,I promise ." I just felt so bad about telling him but happy at the same time . My father can'nt get to me any more . I'm safe with scout now .







Scout's Pov;


                I woke up with zena still in my armes . Her being here just felt so right to me . I keep thinking to myself about zena's father why would he do this to his own daughter ? looking  down at her I told my self that nobody not even her father would hurt her again. I reached over at my alarm clock to see what time  it was .               10:30 a.m I read .I looked down at zena ,and she was looking at me ." Goodmorning angle" . I say to her . She gives me a kiss,and I kissed her back .                "Are you hungrrey "? I asked her . She looked at me and nodded yes . "You stay here and get dressed .I will fix you somthing .                 Come out when your finished angle ,if you need me to help you just call for me. ok?" She smiled and said "ok. thank you babey ". I just smiled at her and walked down the hall to the kitchen .

                   Opening the refrigerator I grabed the egg's and pancake  mix. I  cracked three eggs and scrambled them in the microwave ,then I got the mix for the pancakes , and put it in a big bowl . After that I put all of the ingredient's in the bowl and started mixing them all together . I put a pan on the stove to heat up ,and then I poured some mix into the pan for one pancake .Zena came in the kichen ,and sat down at the table .




Z's Pov;



               Scout's cooking for me . Is this real ? This has never happened to me,I mean no man has been this nice to me ,and if they were nice to me they usally wanted something from me .He didnt want anything  from me except my love for him . "Do you like egg's ?"          Scout asked me . I looked at him and smiled ."Yes ,I do ". He set a plate in front of me with two pancake's  and some scrambeled egg's . Then he sat down and had his plate on the table with the same thing on it .                               We ate in silence untile we were done . Scout and I sit on his couch ." Stay with me forever please". I  asked him. " forever and always ;I'm your gardian  angle .I will always love you.:"He said to me as I layed my head  down on his chest . "I love you my angel ". he said to me and then kissed my fourhead .Then I dozed  back  off to sleep in his armes .   


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