Ashes of a Broken Heart

Z is a lonely girl. She has moved around her entire life because of her alcoholic father. When Z moves to the small town of Ravensford, Tennessee she meets a bad boy named Scout. What will happen when the two fall for each other? Will they survive loves challenges or will the fall prey to tragedy?


9. panic

Z's Pov;

"BANG" "BANG" I jumped up someone was banging on the door . They started yelling my name ,"Zena " "Zena" . I dont think scout heard this person at the door ,because I had to wake him up . "SCOUT WAKE UP PLEASE WAKE UP ." He jumped up seeing that I was afraid.

"Whats wrong zena , whats happening ." I looked at him and said " someone was knocking on the door screaming my name ". Scout jumped up and ran to the door .


Scout's Pov;

Zena was right, there was a man calling her name , but who was he and what did he want ? " Who is it "? I yelled . The man stopped banging on the door and said to me ." This is zena's father . open the this danm door so I can take my slutty ass daughter home ." Anger was growing in me . Zena was not a slut he was wrong ! I opened the door , and he came barging in . Then turned around and looked at me with anger and agression . "Who the hell are you " . He asked me . Zena's father looked plastered . Probly been in the bar all day from what it looked like . I thought to myself as he was standing there waiting on my answer . "I'm zena's boyfriend scout it's nice to meet you sir ." I lied to him as I streached out my hand to shake his , but he smacked my hand away . The anger was growing deeper boiling inside me . Then he said "that little bitch did it this time she really did it . You wait till I see her I'm going to kill that little bitch for running away and getting a low life like you . " "You're not going to do anything to zena ! " I said to him with my fist behind my back getting ready to beat his fucking ass . The man came closer to me and got in my face ,looking me up and down then said ."And What is a scronny little boy like you going to do about it "? "I will tell you what i'm going to do about it . First off you're going to get the hell out of my aptment , and second off you're going to leave me and zena alone . If I see you touch her or even looke at her like you did last week ,I'm coming for you and it wont be pritty ." I held the door open for him to leave , but he tryed to hit me as I moved out of the way . Pinning him against the wall I kepted hitting him ,but then zena came in the room wear we were .

Z's POV;

"SCOUT STOP IT PLEASE DONT FIGHT ,JUST STOP PLEASE ". I was sceaming at them . Scout had my father pinned against the wall and was hitting him . my father found me ,he seen me . Why was he here ,what did he want ? Scout turned to me and said "z get out of here , go back to the bed room please ." I could tell he was worried about me but I didnt listen . Scout got distracted by me ,and my father grabbed him and slung him on the floor . Scout's head hit the table knocking him uncontions . see him lay there in the floor I started crying as my father turned to me . "Well ,well ,well here is the little princes now . whats the matter princess is your king knocked out ? " He cept coming closer to me with his wicked voice . "Dont come near me ,dont you dare come near me!" I said in a panicking voice . Walking backwareds towards the kichen I backed up to a draw which I knew the knives were in ,because I once seen scout put the knives in this draw after he cleaned them . I put my hands behind my back and reached in for one . Grabbing the knife I waited for him to get closer ,then I jabbed the knife in his neck . He looked at me in disbelife he waked back toward the living room but then calapsed . I sat there in shock ,I didnt know what to do .

Scout's POV;

Waking up I felt blood trickling down my face . What happened I thought to myself ,but then I remembered . Zena was she ok I have to find her . hearing heavey breathing in the kichen I seen zena sitting down with a knife in here hand and her father laying in front of her in a pool of blood . I felt for a pulse but there was no pluse . " Zena ? Babey , you ok ?" sitting beside her I grabbed the knife from her ,and I sat in on the counter . She grabbed me and I held her in my armes as she wispered "get me out of here ". I picked her up . "ok babey " .

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