Ashes of a Broken Heart

Z is a lonely girl. She has moved around her entire life because of her alcoholic father. When Z moves to the small town of Ravensford, Tennessee she meets a bad boy named Scout. What will happen when the two fall for each other? Will they survive loves challenges or will the fall prey to tragedy?


12. death is in the air

Z's Pov;

I never meant for any of this to happen . Thinking as I go to the bathroom to think . Locking the door I sat on the counter of the sink . The counter was really Long with a big mirror that yet least four people could stand in front of . As I sat there thinking I seen my bag that scout packed all of our things in . Grabbing it and opening it I found a razor . I grabbed it . Think to myself I have put scout through enough worry and pain . This was to be the end of my life tonight in this bathroom with the door locked shut . I put the razor to my skin cutting deeper and deeper . Finally the blood was gushing out and I fell to the floor knocking over some bottles that were on the counter top . Laying in my own pool of blood I heard scout say my name . Trying to open the door he was yelling my name "zena open the door now " but I couldn't Speak . He finally knocked open the door . The last thing I see is is scout grabbing me up and holding me then I took my last breath . Saying goodbye to scout forever .

So will zena die or will scout save her ?can she even be saved ? What do you think will happen find out tommorow . Leave some comments in the comment box tell me what you think :) i love you all keep being your beautiful self

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