Ashes of a Broken Heart

Z is a lonely girl. She has moved around her entire life because of her alcoholic father. When Z moves to the small town of Ravensford, Tennessee she meets a bad boy named Scout. What will happen when the two fall for each other? Will they survive loves challenges or will the fall prey to tragedy?


5. chapter 5

Z's Pov;


                       " Zena "? I heard someone calling me from the shadows of a dark room . Where was I ? How did I get here ? Asking myself this .                          It called out to me again why did that voice sound so firmiler ? asking myself then realizing that the voice was my father's . Then right when I realized that he came out of the shadowes ,and grabed my neck trying to choke me till i'm gone . "YOU LITTLE BITCH ,NO GOOD FOR NOBODY WHORE !" He said to me .          " Let go of me". I maneged to choke out ,but my voice was filled with fear . How am I going to get away from his grip ? I asked myself . "Your little boyfriend isnt here to save you now is he you little tramp."                  He said to me in a vilent way . Scout, were was he ,why was he  not here ?He was supposed to protecte me from my father ...he promised ."SCOUT" I managed to scream out to him ,but no answer .






Scout's Pov;


                  " Zena" ? I screamed at the top of my lunges trying to wake her ,but she just wasnt wakeing up .why is she not waking up I asked myself alarmed and worried . I picked her up and craddled her in my armes . "Angel wake up please".                                        Then she finally awoke. she started crying into my chest saying ," You were supposed to be there ,you were supposed to protect me from him ." I just felt this gulity feeling not knowing how to help her I started crying to saying ."Babey i'm sorry ,it was just a dream ,he will not hurt you . not while im here ."                                Zena looked up at me ,she seen me crying ,and I seen her tears to . I wiped hers away and said  "please stop crying ,i'm here no matter what for you ." She leaned in and kissed me .






Z's Pov;



                         I leaned in to scout and kissed him .Why was he crying did I hurt him that bad . After we kissed I looked at him and said,"scout ,I love you ". He smiled at me and said ," I love you to ". We got up and went into the bed room ;were we both got dressed .                       It was monday morning we both had school . scout asked me befor we went if I could handle it today ,and I said yes i'm ok ,I can handle it . Then he kissed my forhead .  I changed in the bath room because I didnt want him to see my scares . If he would have seen them he would never love me .                                           "Zena"? scout was knocking on the door ,are you ok he asked me . yes im fine I said through the door and then finally opening it ."You ready "? he asked .                        "Yes im ready". He grabbed my hand and we went out the door to his motorcycle ,He gave me my helment then he put his on .Scout started down the road . As we were driving down the road ,I couldnt help but think what peopel at school were going to say about scout and I . Then befor I knew it we were there at the school .                               Scout walked me to my locker then we went to are first class . we held hands the whole way . we were given lookes that juged us deeply .Even samantha and her little cult looked at us . I walked to my normal seat in the back . scout followed me ,as I came upon my desk I noticed the usual notes . starting to cry and run out scout grapped me . Holding me tight he said ,"I'm going to take care of this ". He went up to samantha who was laughing . "REALLY SAMANTHA ,YOU REALLY WANT TO START SHIT LIKE THIS . YOU ARE A STUPID LITTLE BITCH WHO DOESNT DESERVE TO EVEN BE HERE ." He was screaming at her . I ran over to him and said "scout calm down please ,lets just go please ." I begged him .











         Sorry guys it took me so long to update .I have been dealing with a lot in my life . I have to use my sisters computer to update and her computer was messing up to so im sorry .but anyway what do you think scout will do will he listen to zena or will he just keep yelling at samatha and her little cult ? we shall see next week ;)                          



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