My Battle

Hi my name is Lola. My parents and siblings had died or passed away not to long ago. I was out side watering the flowers and all of the sudden my house just burnt up into flames I didn't really understand why but all I know is that i was the only one left. But I want to tell you my story


2. Secret Admirer

Previously: I went out side and there he was a took me a sec to realize who he was and OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could not believe who it was it was my crush, that I had sense the begging of the year. His name is Henry, he is the captain of the boys basketball team. I love basketball when ever I was sad I would go to the park and go on to the court to calm me down. But I'm also the captain of the girls basketball team. So we are perfect for each other if was thinking in my head. But just to play it cool I said what do you want and he said the most amazing words, are you free Saturday night, I was wondering if you wanted to get something to eat. I was amazed I would not think that anyone would ask me out I mean I am ugly and fat. But I guess he doesn't think so.

I wanted to play hard to get so I said maybe, maybe not but then I said I would text him to keep him waiting.

So when I got back to my room in the orphanage I texted all of my friends Lily, Laine, Klare, and Jamie with my new iPhone I had got for Christmas.

So I texted my friends and they all said congrats and then was the time when I had to text you know who and of cores either said yes and he said ok I will pick you up at 6:00 to go to a real fancy restraint and I said that we works, again to play hard to get.

So yah a the week went bye and all that stuff and then it was finally Saturday morning and I wanted to look perfect so I got ready as soon as I woke up.

Then about a have an hour before he came I got a phone call from the restraint that I work at my boss said ............

Cliff hanger I wonder what happens guess you will have to figure out in the next chapter. I will update soon I promise but first I need at least ten reads so come on people don't be shy tell your friends.

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