My Battle

Hi my name is Lola. My parents and siblings had died or passed away not to long ago. I was out side watering the flowers and all of the sudden my house just burnt up into flames I didn't really understand why but all I know is that i was the only one left. But I want to tell you my story


1. Back to School

Hi my name is Lola and thus is my story. When I was little I once had a family but there was a huge fire I was the only one who made it out alive, so after that you can probably guess where I am right now. I'm now living in one of the most high class orphanages in Las Angelus, California. I was 8 years old so the death of my family was really hard but after 9 years I managed to finally accept that everything happens for a reason. Now that you no a little about me let's get back to my story.

So it was my first day back to school, I was so scared this is my last year of high school until I graduate. FYI I have a job at a restraint down town it's a really good job considering I'm a busier and I get part of the tips, so I have saved for collage. So it was my first day back to school so I went to my locker and I could not believe it, there was a note in my locker saying meet me after school out side by the flag pole, from your secret admirer. I was so flattered. The whole day I could not stop thinking about my secret admirer. Before I could even think it was the end of the day so time to go outside to the flag pole.

I went out side and there he was a took me a sec to realize who he was and OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow look at that who is the mystery guy

Guess you will have to find out when I update

I promise it will be soon

You are probably wondering where does one direction come in you will see just keep on reading.

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