A Dream Come True

there is this girl named acacia and she was abused by her step dad named Zack and she ran away and you wont believe who she ran into and what happens read to find out more :)


9. this is not the story

*Hey guys so so so sorry I haven't been on I am really sorry I haven't been on because my wifi went out again and my laptop broke but I just got it fixed so if I don't publish chapters on weekdays then it is because my wifi isn't working and I will not be publishing chapters on the weekends when I am at my dads house so sorry guys I love you all i know u aren't my fans but i love u because u read my story and thank you so much for reading it it means the world to me that i have people reading it because when i put it out there i didn't think that a lot of people would read it so thanks so much and love u all and i am really sorry ;) :)

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