A Dream Come True

there is this girl named acacia and she was abused by her step dad named Zack and she ran away and you wont believe who she ran into and what happens read to find out more :)


20. The worst day ever!

Acacias P.O.V Once i asked if the boys had invited anyone and when they said no i was really scared i didnt know what to think then when they door flies opened it was Zack then not even thinking about it the lads and even 5SOS all stood around me and they didnt even know why this was a bad thing but they saw him on the news and they didnt want me to get hurt then when zack yelled WHERE IS THE BITCH i started to cry and then he started to get closer and then Niall and Luke steeped towords him and said you are not going to go near her ever you are never going to touch her they said at the same time but i didnt know how luke new but i guess he had a clue somehow but then zack started to walk towords the boys and me and and then Niall and harry steped infront of him and said you are not going to touch her then Luke hurry and ran to the phone or ran somewhere and used his phone cause he ran to where the phone was at but i think he went to go call the police cause calum wisperd something in his ear then as zack started geting close her put his hands behind his back WATCH OUT i yelled then zack stabed niall and harry in the stomoch after that i feel to my knees and started crying but then zack started running to me " if you want me take me you should of took my friends" i said crying " NO THE REST OF THE LADS SAY" " if you wish" zack said happy then as he was reaching to take me i ducked down and ran to the bathroom and locked the door then i hurd Ash yell dont come out and i new i couldnt but i wanted to cause i wanted to see if Ni was okay so i walked out and saw a bunch of cops run in and then a ambulance and take niall and harry away then i started to run to the back of the truck and then one person said family only then i told him that i am nialls girl friend and i made something up for harry so i said that i am harrys cousion then they let me in and then i text the lads well zayn, liam, and louis anyway cause i dont have 5SOS number so i told them to meet me at the hospital and i told them to tell that to Luke, Calum, Ashton, and Michael then when we got there they ran to the back of the hosptial and people came runing after me and told me that i cant go back there so they showed me to the waiting room when i sat down i starting crying cause i was scared and all i could think is about is the worst i couldnt even think of one good think then Louis came running up to me and gave me a hung and said everything will be okay then i got pulled into a group hung with all of the lads then i went to go sit back down and luke came and sat next to me and then i started to cry a little and then he took me outside and then he gave me a big hug then he told me that everything is going to be okay " No its not luke all i can think about is the worst" " thats cause you love him so much and you cant see your life without him but you need to think about is the good stuff that is going to come out of it like you will get to see him again you can get married you will be able to have kids and most of all you guys will be together and then you can come see our concert together and with your 2 friends" " i will try to think about the good thinks and yes we will come see you in concert" i said laughing then we walked back in and right as me and luke sat down one of the nurses came out and said Niall and Harry then we all stood up and then they said you can go see them now they are in room 36B so we got to then room and then i ran over to niall and held his hand and told him that i will never leave your side tell we can leave and ill take care of you like you took care of me then i kissed him on the check and a tear fell from my face then i went over to harry and told him that i will be here for you and i will take care of you and niall then i gave him a kiss on the check to after that i sat down and i guess i feel asleep from all the crying cause the next thing i know is when i woke up it was 10 Am Lukes P.O.V it was almost 9 when they called us to go back and see Niall and Harry and when we got there Acacia ran to Niall and held his hand and started to cry just seeing him and she wisperd in his ear and then when i sat down all i could think about is the talk me and acacia had cause i felt like when i made her laugh i felt like it light up my world and the way she looked at me and i only knew her for a day then i snaped out of it and told myself no this isnt right she is dating niall one of my best mates i dont feel like this i was just in the moment i dont feel like this then after she got done talking she sat down then started to talk to me and then next thing you know she didtn even finish what she was saying she feel asleep and it was about 9:40 but i bet it was from all the crying then i told calum to tell acacia that i was going home because calum said that he was going to stay the night so then i left and went home after i went home with the rest of 1D and the other lads we went to zayns flat and then we started to watch tv then the news came on and said that they cought zack and sent him to prison again and they made shure he wont get out then louis shut off the telly and then i had to ask i really wanted to know so then i blurted out what happened between zack and acacia? then ash calum and michael said luke you didnt need to ask i felt bad i just wanted to know i didnt want to ask right know cause i knew right know was a bad time then Liam started to tell they story Liam telling the story " well it all started when me and the lads got into a fight over something stupid then niall went out for a walk and then the next thing you know he brings home a girl and that was acacia then one day she was really scared and i guess told niall what had happened and then niall said it would all be okay then the next couple of days acacia had been acting weird and i couldnt help but wonder but then harry asked whats wrong but i was going to ask but he beat me to it then niall said it was nothing but then acacia said no its okay ill tell them then she told us to sit down so we all walked over to the sofa but niall he sat next to acacia to make shure she dont cry threw this whole thing while telling us then she started the story well you my dad well i dont call him my dad no more his name is zack anyways when i was little when my mom died zack started to hit me and kick me and so all sort of mean things then one day they doorbell rang so i thought this is my chance then she ran to her closet and took out her back with stuff she had packed up and ran away then the guy you saw yesterday that was zack anyways zack was abusing her and then niall found her and then when niall and acacia went to paris together they went to this resterunt and they had the news on and it was zack so when they got back zack was on the news again and the new lady said that zack wanted to kill his daughter acacia so if you see him to call the cops right away and dont think twice about it and that is why acacia was so scared but dont talk about it around her cause her crying like she was yesterday that is what see will do" end of story then all i could think was why would someone want to hurt that poor sweet nice loving and beautiful acacia then i went up to my room and fell asleep Acacias P.O.V when i woke up the next day i woke up to calum who stayed the night with me and then he told me that he was hungry so he went to go get some of the gross hospital food then i grabed nialls hand and started to talk to him then i layed my head on his chest and felt his hand squeze mine then i loked up at him and he woke up! i was so happy i gave him a hug and kissed him then i told him i was going to see if harry was okay i thought he would be up by know because he wasnt as bad as Ni then i walked over and harry said acacia is that you omg they both are awake i gave him a big hun and said yes it is then i opened the door and saw that calum was just going to open it and then i told him they are both awakw then he ran and put his food down and then went by both of there beds in the middle i should say and started to talk to them then i yelled out in the hall they are awake doctor there awake then a doctor came running in and looked at both of them one at a time and said that they both can go home today but they need blood work first and i need to sign a thing for them to leave then i gave the doctor a big hug then gave calum a big hug then sat down and talked to niall and harry the whole time tell they had to get blood drawen then i left the room cause i cant handle needles then calum came out and told me that they are done then when i walked in the doctor sais he will be back he has to go check the blood so as i sat there i thought i should call liam and the other lads and tell them the good news L-Liam K-Kelsee ring ring L- Hello is everything okay k- Yes liam everything is more then okay! L- what happened! K- Niall and harry woke up a little while agao and the doctor said that they can come home today so all i have to do know is just sign a paper and we can leave tell the rest of the lads or all of them there i would call ash and tell him to but i dont have his number anyways see you soon L- thats great news ill tell them see you when you get here K- bye L- bye with that i hung up my phone and then calum came over and said well you should give me your number and ill give you mine just in case you need it to tell me something or just need to talk then i looked at niall and nodded that i could do it then i told calum yes so i gave him my phone and he gave me his then we put in our numbers then gave it back then the doctor came in with the papers then i signed them then ni and harry got up and me and calum packed there things and then we left A/N: sorry for such a long chapter i just wanted to make a long chapter cause i havent updated this story in for ever! i will post on sunday or monday when i get back from las vagas love you guys :)
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