A Dream Come True

there is this girl named acacia and she was abused by her step dad named Zack and she ran away and you wont believe who she ran into and what happens read to find out more :)


12. the night alone :)

Acacias P.O.V
 I think that is was a little weird that liam said that we get a whole night to our selves because it is only 10:00 AM and i kinds just wanted to sit down and get to know all the lads because i mean sence i am going to be dating one of their best mate then i want to get to know them and i really dont know niall that well and i want to get to know him to so then again i am glad that we get to speend the whole night and the whole day together because it is only 10 and so sence it is just going to be me and niall so we can get to know each other and that is what i want and i am shure that is what he wants too then i hear Niall come down the stairs so i asked what he thinks and what he wants to do and i am thing of asking him what his wish was because i really want to know
" Hi babe"
" Hi babe what you doing?"
" Nothing so what do you think liam meet by the night is all yours and you can do what ever you want to and it starts right know when it is only 10:00 AM?"
" I dont know but i think it has something to do what i wished last night and i also think it is because we really dont know about each other that well so i think he wanted us to get to know each other"
" i know i think we should get to know each other to but if you don't mind me to ask and you don't have to answer then you dont have to but i was wondering is you could tell me what you wished for last night because i kinda what to know if we wished for the same thing because if we didn't then only one can come true"
" well if i tell you then you know it wont come true right?"
" Yeah but if it is the same as my wish then i can tell you it will come true no matter what"
" Okay fine my wish was........ to start a family and get married and i know we just started dating but i liked you right when i saw you in the park and i just want to stay together forever"
" Well i can tell you thing we wished for the same thing and i can tell you what that is going to happen no matter what and it can happen when ever because i really want to be together forever and ever and i love you <3" i said and then kissed him on the lips that seemed like forever
" okay well i dont know about you but your nialler is really hungry do u want anything love or should i say princess?"
" yes i am hungry and i dont care if you call me love or princess but what are we going to eat?"
" well i wanted to go to Nandos so if you want to you should go get ready but if you dont want to we can cook pancakes together and if we go to nandos i was thinking maybe we can go swimming after"
" okay i will go get ready be done in like 20 or 30"
" okay i will go get ready to o and i have a surprise for you when we get home"
" o just to let you know i dont like surprise" i said laughing
" well you better get use to it because i can tell you i am going to have a lot more" he said laughing
" o okay" i said laughing and then he started laughing to"
Nialls P.O.V.
 I knew what liam was talking about when he said the night or should i say the whole day is yours is because he wants us to have s** and i think we should get to know each other because we barely know eah other and i alsow want to have kids and i know she dose to because i just could tell that by the look in her eyes when she looks at me so she asked me what she thought and i just made up something because if she dosesnt know then i want to waite to tell her and as i was getting ready to got o nandos i heard a knock on the door and i heard acacia go and get it and i said i got it then as i went to go get it, it was two of her besties named Kaylie and Karisa then i heard acacia say
" who is it?"
" o it is your besties"
" what ones?"
" Kaylie and Karisa"
" okay i will be down in a minute"
" No it is okay we will come up acacia pluse you said it was a emergence"
" she did?"
" yeas she said it has to do with you and her dating and also she wants to go shopping for a swim suite because she never bought one and she told me to tell you to come home after nandos and get ready for her surprise because if you didnt know when she gets surpries she uslly wants them to be perfect but when she is with someone she loves she dont care what it is and pluse she has never had a boyfriend so she needs help from us because she knows we have had a boyfriend and she wants us to help her find a swim suite to look perfect for you because she loves you so much" wow thats a lot Karisa Kaylie said
" o okay and you should tell her that she will always be perfect for me no matter what she dose and i love her vary much to and that will never change"
" okay well i am going to go and help her get ready and then we will stay here and then you guys can go"
" okay"
Acacia P.O.V
 I didnt know what swim suite to wear because i dont have one and i need my besties help because i never have had a boyfriend and they have and i just wnat to hang out with them to and i am going to get ready and go to nandos with niall because i am hungry and i really want to spend time with him pluse i really love him and i really want to have fun get to know him and maybe have a laugh with him
" Niall i am ready to go when you are"
" okay just let me find my keys and them i will be ready"
" okay i will be in the car"
" i am on my way"
when we got there we orded our food at talked and got to know each other and then we went home and then i asked Kaylie and Karisa if they were ready and they said yes then i gave niall a hug kiss goodbye and then we were off to the beach store and we found the swim suites and the gils helped me find a swim suite and this is the one they chose for me http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_11/set?id=116593865 and then they found a swim suite for themselves and this is what they looked like http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=116595212 and then we went to pay for our stuff and then went to the car and drove home.
Nialls P.O.V.
after acacia left i went to go get the surprise and the surprise was her birthday surprise and i am pretty shure that she forgot that it was her birthday because she is so bissy becuase we went to nandos and she has been gone a hour shopping with her besties and maybe she forgot because of the reason that she ran away that she has not told me and i am going to ask her when we have dinner tonight and if hse dont have to answer then i bet she will answer when she wants to or when she feels compf talking about it and then i heard her come in and then she showed me her swim suite and i loved it her swim suite was pretty sexy and i cant waite to go swimming wit her just me and her.

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