A Dream Come True

there is this girl named acacia and she was abused by her step dad named Zack and she ran away and you wont believe who she ran into and what happens read to find out more :)


11. surprise party #1

Acacias P.O.V
I woke up to the sun shining into my face and i was wondering what wish Niall made last night because if we made the same wish that would be the best thing ever but if he didnt then i guess only one would come true and i hope mine comes true because what i wished for is to get married and start a family with Niall and maybe even get a dog or something but then i sat up from the grass happy as ever because i got what i wanted and then i hurd someone call my name and i got really scared because i couldnt find Niall anywhere then i seen him come out from the bathrooms there by the water park
"Hey good morning bab"
"good morning to hey can i ask you a question?"
"shure what is it?" he said un shure
"why didnt we go home last nigh?"
"well i was going to wake you up but you look so comphy and i didnt want to wake you up and u looked really cute to so i called the lads and told them that we are sleeping at the park down the street because you fell asleep and i didnt want to wake you up"
"and what did the lads say?"
"they said okay just dont well u know what i mean"
"how could they saw that to you?" i said playfuly
"i dont know but Liam seemed really weird ont the phone for some reason maybe they could be throwing us a party for well you now dating" he said playfuly
"yeah you never now what thos lads could be up to when we are not there well should we go home to see what they are doing?"
"yeah lets go"
we were walking back to the house and i looked at Niall smiling and then he looked and smiled but i thought something was missing then he went to go hold my hand and that is when i said nothing is missing know really quiet so he couldnt hear then as we were walking up to the door we saw Harry picking out the window then me and Niall starting laughing and then the only thing you hear after that is Liam scream HURRY HIDE BEFORE THEY COME IN AND SEE US well we already saw harry we both laughed and he said i wonder what they could be doing then as i walked up to unlock the door i said we will just have to find out wont we.
Nialls P.O.V
when i woke up it was still dark outside and i looked at my phone to see what time it was and it was 6:30 and i have had the lads call me 2 times each and then i sat up and walkied away verry quitly so Acacia wouldnt hear and before i left to go call the mates i looked at Acacia and quitly i cant believe that i have such a amazing girl and she is so beautiful and i dont know how i got such a amazing beautiful girl like her this is all i could ask for and then i walked onto the playground and called the boys and none of them answered so i said fine i will call Liam one more time i just hope he answers *RING RING RING RING* then he finaly answered the phone i was surprised that he answered i thought he would still be sleeping
"Hi liam you called me?"
"Yeah i did i was wondering where you were because you said you would be home to go to sleep and you never did so i was getting worried"
"o dont be i was going to call you when we were going home but then we stoped at the park and well Acacia fel asleep and i didnt want to wake her up so we just sleep here and i still dont want to wake her up because she looks so beautiful and well i dont want to come home yet"
"okay but call when you are coming home okay"
"okay hey hold on i thought you would be sleeping because when i first called you, you didnt answer"
"o thats umm because well i have to go bye"
umm.... okay i wonder what that was about he sounded like something was wrong like it was really bad i want to know what he is doing to see and to see if he is okay but i dont want to leave Acacia then i was sitting thinking about what i should do but then i said i wont go i just hope he is okay then i went to go lay back down with Acacia and fell asleep but then i woke up a hour later and came out from the bathroom and saw Acacia and she looked like she wanted to go but then she asked me a question if they lads new if we were here and i told her yes but Liam sounded weird and she said well want to go so we went but as we were walking down the street we saw harry and we both laughed and i asked what that was about and Acacia had no idea then when we walked inside i could not believe what the lads did.
Liams P.O.V
Niall called me and i couldnt answer because i was getting ready for a surprise party that we are throwing for them to congrts them for dating and i hope that they like it because me and the mates worked really hard on it and then Niall called me again and said that they feel asleep at the park and as he called me i was going to bed and then a couple of minutes later we woke up again and then i told Harry to look out the window to see if they were coming and as soon as he looked out the window Harry yelled they are right by the door then i yelled EVERYONE HIDE then Niall and Acacia walk in and Niall said
"Why did you have to through a party for us because we are dating know?"
"well because i know how much you liked each other before you guys started going out and i thought that the nice thing to do is through a cangrats party and us lads are all going to sleep in one flat and then you and Acacia will have the night to do what ever you want to do"
"umm..... okay thanks i guess well did u get cake or something"
"No we just wanted to make a sign and saw congrats and then you night begans right know"
"but it is only 10:00 AM"
"yeah like i said your night begans right know"
"okay bye come one lads lets go"

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