A Dream Come True

there is this girl named acacia and she was abused by her step dad named Zack and she ran away and you wont believe who she ran into and what happens read to find out more :)


22. Party Time

Acacia's P.O.V
When i woke up this morning i turned around to see if Niall was there and i was really surprised that he was still there becasue he is usualy up by know and down

stairs eating so then i started to get up and i felt strong arms around my waist that pulled me back down so know i am laying down with my head on his chest
" Morning princess" Niall said smiling
" Morning guess what"
" what?" He said smiling
" Happy 21st bithday" i said kissing him on the check
" thanks"
" So we are having a party tonight because you are finally 21 cause you through me a birthday party when i turned 21 and i didnt want one so your getting one"
" okay mom" he said laughing and playful punched me
then i got up and went down stairs to go eat then as i start to look for something to eat i hear niall running down the stairs then he yelled my name so i stopped

looking for something to eat and he told me that we are going out to eat breakfast so after he told me i went to go get ready then after i got ready we went to go get

breakfast. After breakfast i told niall to stop at the party store so we can get ready for the party so we went to the party store and got a cake then left and then we

went to the alcohol store and got a couple then we went to go back to the flat then we called all the guys then we called all the guys from 5 seconds of summer then

all of are other friends then i told niall that i am going to go get ready because bu the time we got back it was 12:00 and the party is going to start at 3 so i went

to go get ready and after i got in the shower i put cloths back on and went to go ask Niall what i should wear then he went to go pick and he picked a dress so i told

him if i wear this you have to wear a suit so he agreed so then i went back in the bath room so i put the dress on, did my makeup, and curled my hair then after i

wased my hands i put my wedding ring on http://www.polyvore.com/party_with_niall/set?id=134890966 after i finished getting ready niall came up and got in his black

suit and put his hair like he always dose then after we both finished getting ready we heard a knock on the door so i went to go get it and it was kaylie she was

wearing this really pretty peach colored dress and her hair was curled and she died her hair a redish color again it really went good togehter with her dress and zayn

had a black suite then i yelled to niall then he ran down stiars and then me and kaylie and him and zayn started hanging out
" I really like you dress where did you get it" Kaylie said
" I don't know Niall got it for me and i think this is his favorite dress on me" i said lauging
" why would you say that?"
" because when ever i ask him what i should wear he always picks this dress"
" Thats the same way zayn is he likes this dress on me and he says it gose really good with my hair"
" Well he isn't wrong it dose go good with your hair"
" Shutup" she said laughing
Then someone knocked on the door so i went to answer it and it was Karisa and Louis Karisa was wearing a light blue dress with her hair curld and a flower headband the

same one as me and Louis was wearing a gray suite then karisa came with us and louis went with the lads then right when i sat down karisa told us she liked our dress

and we told karisa the same thing then there a knock on the door so i went to go get it and it was Luke, Calum, Ashotn, and Michael then they just stood there and

looked at me then Luke said you look beautiful i just blushed and said thanks then as they all walked in they all told me that then when they came in they said hi to

kaylie and kairsa and then they went with the other lads but Luke stayed with us
"Luke you know you can go with the other boys"
" I know but i want to stay here with you guys"
" Why" Kaylie asked
" This is a girl zone only" Karisa said laughing
" I can be a girl" He said with a girl voice
" Okay you can stay with us" we all said laughing
then al us girls and luke all started talking then someone knocked on the door then i went to go get it and Niall came running in and told me that he would get it

cause i had been getting it all the other times so i said okay and walked back to my seat then niall opened it and it was Kaite and Carrie then they told niall happy

birthday and walked over to us then they sat down and as more people came luke finally said that he is going to go with the other boys then when he left carrie told me

that he is cute we all just laughed then the there was a knock on the door so i went to go get it and the last people showed up Harry and Liam as they were coming in

they hugged me and went to go find niall then when everyone was here we all went to the kitchen and as i was walking in Niall was getting the cake out and we all just

laughed then i light all 21 candles we sang happy birthday then niall and me cut the cake together like we were getting married again i just laughed then we ate cake.

Niall's P.O.V
After Acacia finished getting ready she looked so beautiful then there was a knock on the door and it was kaylie and zayn then as time went past everyone was here and

so then when Harry and Liam walked in i went to go get the cake from the fridge cause i was so hungry! then i seen Acacia and all the other girls come in and they were

just laughing so then Acacaia came over and light all 21 candles and then everyone sang the happy birthday song after that i blew out all of the candles in one breath

then acacia showed me how to cut the cake again like we were getting married. After everyone was done eating Luke and Harry come up with this idea to play a game

called truth or dare and i hate that game but everyone decided to play it so we went downstairs and sat in a big cirlces the girls were on the sofas and all us guys

were on the ground becaue we went wearing dresses and a short dress like acacia that i picked out for her then after everyone sat down everyone said i had to go first

cause i was the birthday boy so i sighed and acacia told me to go so i went so i told Luke truth or dare he chose truth "was it true that when you came here you were

acting like a girl" yes it is because Karisa told me that you had to be a girl to hang out with them so i said that i would be a girl then everyone laughed so then he

asked acacia truth or dare she said dare which didnt surprise me becuase she never chooses truth " I dare you to 7 minutes in  heaven with the birthday boy" she just

laughed and then i told him that that was a stupid dare and so i got up and grabbed acacias hand then we went up to our room and then when we went up there acacia told

me that, that was a stupid dare because he knows that i would do that because i mean were married.
                                                       ~ 7 minutes later ~
then we went back down staires and yes i have to admit we took a little longer then 7 minutes but luckly no one was keeping track they just keep playing then when we

got back down there i asked whos turn it was everyone said it was acacias turn so then she asked Kaylie truth or dare she said dare so acacia said i dare you to kiss

zayn in front of everyone becaue they have never kissed before so all you could hear was wooo so then they did and sence it was there first kiss it last for a while so

then when they finally got done kaylie went and then after a couple more rounds i ask everyone if they want to play a game that invalvs acolole they all said yes then

i went ot go get it and we played some game that if you loosed ou had to drink then we played that pretty much the rest of the nigh then it was 3 in the morning and

some people left the only people that were left was Kaylie, Zayn, Karisa, Louis, Luke, Harry, Liam, Ashton, Michael, Calum and they all said that they were going to

just stay the night so then acacia told everyone that she is going to bed because she didnt feel good then i told everyone that i was going to go with her to make sure

shes okay and because i was tired so after that they just jeep doing what they were doing so when i went up stairs she just took off her shoes and her flower thing and

layed down she didnt even get her pjs on then as i went to go sit down she ran in the bathroom and pucked and right when i heard what she was doing i ran in the

bathroom and held her hair and rubbed her back then after that i told her to go lay down on the bed then i went down stairs and got her apple juice and came back up

and gave it to her then she asked if anyone was awake i told her they were all sleeping then after she finished drinking her apple juice i brought the cup down stairs

and then came back up to find her sleeping then i took off my shirt and pants so i was just in my boxers and acacia was still in her dress and then i layed down and i

guess i woke her up cause she turned around and looked at me then me and acacia couddled and then she went back to sleep.

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