A Dream Come True

there is this girl named acacia and she was abused by her step dad named Zack and she ran away and you wont believe who she ran into and what happens read to find out more :)


14. Packing

Nialls P.O.V
To be hounest i was scared to prupose to Acacia but i am glad she said yes and i mean i new she was going to say yes because on the way home i am glad that i meet you and i font know what i would do without you but tomorrow night we are going on a honymoon to a island that me and the mates bought for us when this day was to come and me and Acacia are going to be ther first ones to use it and i thought that louis was going to be the first one to use it becuase he has been dating Eleanor for what seems like forever and me and the mates all thought he was going to prupose last year on her birthday but he didnt so i am going to be the first one to ever use it and we dont know what the inside of the house looks like but i know it is going to be romantic because it is near paris but i havent told Acacia but i am going to tell her after the party the mates through for her birthday
" Niall?"
" up here"
" where"
" in harrys room"
" hey where are you in here?"
" because i am getting some stuff that i left in here for our trip"
" what trip?"
" i will tell you when we get home"
" okay well i came up here to hang out with you"
" okay then lets go home"

Acacias P.O.V
i wonder what he meant by we are going on a trip is it a honeymoon is it there WWA tour all these thoughts went through my mind and if it is the honeymoon then i hope it is nice but not to nice and i mean i told Niall that i wanted to go to Pairs sometime but i dont want to go there for our honeymoon because people will be all over him when we are supost to be spending time together but i have always wanted to go and i hope i get to go with Niall sometime before we have a family
" Babe"
" Yeah"
" Can you come and pack your stuff for the trip we are leaving tomorrow morning"
" Wait you said you were going to tell me after we got home and you havent yet"
" o right well sit down on the bed"
" okay"
" okay well the trip is for our honeymoon and we are going to a island that me and the mates bought for this reason and well it is near Pairs and i know you have always wanted to go to paris so it is near Pairs and we are going to go to Pairs one night and go on the tower"
" YAY! wait"
" wait why wait?"
" when we go on the tower what if fans our there and they want all these thing?
" well they arent going Paul rented the tower for us tonight"
" Okay Yay!" i sad giving him a hug
" okay so pack your stuff"
" okay wait when can i meet Paul"
" when you go on tour with us next week"
" okay well lets get packing" i said laughing
well we are going on a honeymoon and i didnt want to go to Pairs but we are YAY! and thanks to Paul no fans wont be there i mean i love one direction fans because i am a fan is just i want to spend time with Niall and when they go on the WWA tour i just hope they dont answer a question for who is single and who is taken because i know when Niall answers he is going to tell them that i am back stage and then they are going to say can she come out and then he is going to make me come out i mean i am going to love to come out there but i have stage fright so it is going to be scary even if i just stand their but i just hope i dont have to say nothing but i would love to go out there



" okay o and liam told me to tell you that the party is over"
" okay lets go home"

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