A Dream Come True

there is this girl named acacia and she was abused by her step dad named Zack and she ran away and you wont believe who she ran into and what happens read to find out more :)


3. Not coming home alone

Liams P.O.V
"where is Niall he said he would be back by know"
"I know i am getting woried do u think he is okay" asked loui
i sat down on in the front room watching the telly wondering if niall was okay then i herd the door unlock
"I am home mates"
"Finaly where were you we were getting woried"
"Who is that" asked Harry 
"I went to go get some freash air and i found her all alone so i brought her here so she dont have to sleep on the hard ground again"
When Niall walked in you could tell in his eyes that he liked her better yet he was in lover with her 
"What is your name" I asked 
umm i wonder why she didnt say nothing 
"Niall why isnt she talking?"
"She is scared and i dont know her name"
"Whats your name"
"Acacia i said quietly"
"Thats such a pretty name"
I went up stairs to my room and felt so tired and i think we have our where we are tour coming up this week so i need to catch up on my sleep
Nialls P.O.V
"Mum can you get a ice pack"
i brought Acacia up tp my room to see if she would talk to me about what happened but i dont know if she will answer me because she is still realy scared but if she dose the first thing i am going to tell her is that she can trust the boys i wonder if she would talk to me know i went to go say something then my mum came in with the ice pack 
thanks mum 
i went to go ask Acacia something and my mouth froze open becaue she is so preaty most of all she is hot i realy want to go out with her but she is so scared and she dont even know who i am and i dont know nothing about her but her name and i want to get to know her more 
"Acacia could you please talk i want to ask you some questions"
"I guess as long as they arent about Zack" i said scared
"Okay well i wanted to just tell you that if your ankle dont get better we are going to take you to the hispital to get it looked at"
"I guess that would be fine"
"so what do you have in you bag"
"just some stuff o just a question where am i going to sleep tonight"
"o yeah you can slepp on my bed and i will sleep on the sofa bed"
"No i will sleep on the sofa bed i dont want to come into your house and just take your bed away from you"
"No its okay promis"
"okay umm can you move you bed away from the window please" I said scared
"Yeah why is it because of Zack o sorry that just sliped out"
"No its okay and yeah i dont know if he is going to come and find me"
so i got up and move the bed where the sofa bed was then i got my PJS on and why i was getting them on Acacia turned around she saw me in my boxers
"O sorry Niall i didnt mean to"
"can you leave so i can get dresed yeah"
i got dressed and i told niall he could come back in and i got into bed and before i fell asleep i thought to myself i fell save around them know realy save safer then i have felt in ages

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