A Dream Come True

there is this girl named acacia and she was abused by her step dad named Zack and she ran away and you wont believe who she ran into and what happens read to find out more :)


7. Night out

Kaitees P.O.V.
i was sitting on the sofa waiting for Kaylie, Karisa, and carrie to get here so we can start my b-day party all tho i wish that Acacia could come but she ran away from Zack for a good reason i am glad she ran away tho but i dont know where but i hope i get to see her soon and after that there is a knock at the foor * Knock Kncokyou guys mad it yay lets get this party started but then i got a phone call huu who is this? but i answerd and thankfully i did because it was Acacia 
"Hello is this Kaitee?"
"Yes it is is this Acacia?"
"Yes i need to talk to you"
"okay when did you change your #?"
"i didnt it is this realy cute guys phone"
"realy who is it?"
"okay dont freak out but it is Niall from one direction and he is going to ask me out tonight that is why i called o and happy b-day"
"OMG realy is Liam single? and thanks"
"Yes they al are but niall because of me o and are you with the others?"
"then can u put it on speker i need to tell you guys something?"
"yeah hold on okay you are on speker"
"okay hey carrie,Karisa, and Kaylie it is Acacia and i need your help ASAP Niall from one direction is going to ask me out and i am in london and he is going to take me to this place down the street so i bought you guys plane tickets so when ever your ready to come come but come before 10:00 because that is when it is going to happen"
"OMG you are with one direction is Harry single" carrie asked happliy 
"yes they are all single but niall wont be for long"
"okay we are coming right know"
"yay thanks guys i love you see you soon i cant wait to see you"
"you to bye Acacia see you soon and love you to"
with that i hung up the phone and we hurried pack our stuff and then we were off i cant wait to see Acacia i haven see here in well it fells like forever ago when i see her we are going to do our group hug like we always use to do i cant wait
Acacias P.O.V
i cant wait tell my besties come because i need some help and i get to see them i havent see them in forever ago and i am going to do the group hug thing that we use to do all the time and then i am going to set them up with the boys because Kaitee likes Liam, Carrie likes harry, Karisa likes Louis, and Kaylie likes Zayn
so we are going to be with each other for a long long time because i can tell that to boys what to have gfs so it is going to happen tonight or tomorrow then when i went to go call them i herd a know at the door i went to go see who it was and they were here we all ran into a group hug and they all screamd ACACIA and i screamd GUYS i cant believe that they are here 
"so how are you guys doing?"
"well better know that we are here" thay all said together
then the all the boys came out of nialls room after being realy weird this morning 
"hey who are your friends Acacis?" the boys said all together
"well this is... i got intrubted by Carrie screaming and running to harry giving him a hug"
"anways that is carrie and this is Kaitee this is Karisa and lastly but not least this is Kaylie"
"so how old are they" the boys ask 
" Carrie is 18 Kaitee is 19 Karisa is 21 and Kaylie is 20"
"okay thats nice i want to meet them"
"not right know i need there help"
i brought the girls into our room and i told them what i need help 
"i dont know what to wear"
"to where"
"the place down the street have any of you guys been there?"
"i have" Kaitee said 
"thanks what should i wear then?"
"out of what?"
" 2 light blue dresses and a outfit with these shoes  http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=110304251"
"well it isnt that fancy so i would say the long blue dress and the white heels"
"okay what if niall just wears pants and a shirt?"
"well i know he wont i promis"
"okay well i am going to go get changes be right back"
Nialls P.O.V
i need help on what to wear but i dont want the boys in it so i am just going to put on a tucks and the shoes i hope that Acacia dresses nice i realy want to go out with her so i hope she says yes because if she says no well lets juts say i would be depresed i am going to ask her for 
"ACACIA"i yelled
"what?" she can downstairs
"um..do..you want.... to go..to dinner with me?"
"yes i will go get ready"
"i cant believe she said yes"
i went to go get ready but when i was ready acacia wasnt i wonder what she is doing and what she is going to look like i beet she is going to look beautiful
Acacias P.O.V
"what did he say" asked Kaylie
"he asked me out to dinner"
"YAY!!" we all screamed 
"i am going to go get ready who wants to help"
"ME!!" they all shouted okay lets go 
we all went into the bathroom and i put on my dress,shoes, and perfume on Kaylie did my makeup Karisa panted my finger nails and Katiee did my hair then i was done and i looked beautiful but before i went out the girls wanted to take my pick and post it on facebook so this is what i looked like http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=110303683"
then i went down stairs and at the bottom was my besties and the boys and then niall said WOW you look gorgeus well the girls did my hair and makeup so thank them but thanks 
"well should we go" asked niall
"Yeah lets go"
"buy guys"
" hope you have a good time there" they all shouted from inside

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