A Dream Come True

there is this girl named acacia and she was abused by her step dad named Zack and she ran away and you wont believe who she ran into and what happens read to find out more :)


5. Getting comfy with the boys

Acacias P.O.V.
i woke up to see that i was alone in nialls room and i got scared all i could think about is Zack took Niall and all the other boys and he is going to come back for me and kill me then i hurd a door closed and i got freaked out i started crying then Niall walked in thank god it was him i dont know what i would of done if it was Zack 
"Whats wrong" Niall asked concerned  
"Nothing. Nothing inportant"
"Yes it is to important if you were crying"
"Fine i woke up alone and all i could think about is Zack came and took you and the boys away and when i herd the door close and this door open i started crying because i thought it was Zack"
"No that will never happen he will never find you i promis and if he did he would have to go through me to get to you believe me i wont ever let Zack come near you let alone hurt you ever again"
"Thanks Niall that means a lot to me" I said giving him a hug 
Then i went down to the living room to see if the boys were there and shure enough they were i am just glad that Zack didnt take Niall or the boys because i was just getting comfy with them but mostly Niall but I realy want to tell niall how i fell about him but i dont think he fells the same way i think he just would want to be friends but i know if he liked me then he would tell me first because they way he looked at me at the secret park was like love on first sight to him i just want him to fell the same way about me 
Nialls P.O.V
I got up hoping i didnt wake up Acacia and when i got out of the bed room she was still asleep i walked into the bathroom and got into the shower to get ready then i was geting ready to go out of the bathroom when i thought i herd crying coming from my room and i walked out of the bathroom and i saw Acacia sitting on my bed crying then i asked her why and it was because she thought that Zack took me and everyone else but i wont let that ever happen then i walked over to her to ask about her ankle 
"it is good i think"
"thats good well if you stand up and walk we can see if it is all better"
when she got up i was suprised that the ice pack made it all better i thought is would of been broken but mabey she just spraned it then Acacia walked out to the living room and when i walked out to go to get something to eat i found Acacia standing on the top of the stairs and by the way she was standing it looked like she was thinking about something why i was looking at her all theses different things went through my mind like what if she was thinking about how she fells about me, is she mad or sad that i left the room, is she going to leave, or what if she is falling for one of the other lads i dont know what to think i just hope that it is good and if it is and she stays i will ask her if she is falling for one of the other lads and if she sayd no i might tell her how i fell about her i just hope she will fell the same about me
Zayns P.O.V
i wonder what they are doing up there Niall is usaly up and ready by now i was going to go up there but then i said no because i dont want to distuber them so i stopped thinking about those 2 and went back to watching hunger games catching fire then when the screan went black i saw my reflection and started to fix my hair then i herd something 
"What was that" asking the boys 
"i dont know did you here that zayn?"asking louis
"yes i herd that it sounded like someone was coming down the stairs and stopped and someone was following them" i said confused
"i know do you think we should go check it out or do you think it is Acacia and Niall just at the top of the stairs talking"asking harry 
" we are going to go check it out harry we have to see what it is" liam demanded
i asked liam if i had to go because honstly i was scared and i didnt even know what it was but of course liam being the daddy right this seconed about this he said yes i didnt want to go so i made up this lie that i didnt fell good and liam said if you dinnt fell good then we will take you to the hospital first thing tomorrow o i am all better know i shouted thats what i thought all i know is i didnt want to go with liam and the other mates because i did no what it was and for all i know it could just be the pap.

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