A Dream Come True

there is this girl named acacia and she was abused by her step dad named Zack and she ran away and you wont believe who she ran into and what happens read to find out more :)


19. flight home

Nialls P.O.V
when Acacia was cleaning out the closet for the first flight home because of what happened at our date about Zack and she wanted to be safe so she wants to go home to the lads because she dosent want me to get hurt and she dosent want the other lads to get hurt ether but she wants to have extra help so as she was cleaning out the closet she found a box and it was wrapped she asked what it was and it was her 2 birthday present and i know i didnt have to get her something but i wanted to because she means so much to me that i want to get married to her sunner but we arent geting married tell 4 more weeks but it was 5 sauce concert tickets and she was so happy and i got them for me her and the lads and her 2 closest girl friends but there is a surprise she is going to meet luke and i asked her who was her fav because the boys are going to be coming and also i think her 2 friends should have boy friends and also she is going to scream luke and the other lads are going to throw her a party to but then i hurd something on the news that Zack was going to kill my babe and that if you see him to call 911 and that all they now right know is that he is in paris wiat PARIS we are in paris i ran into our bedroom and told her we have to leave right know and get on the plane and go to england and tell the boys like righ know then she said
" Why?" she said scarly
" because i hurd something on the news that Zack is in paris right know and if you see him to call the police!"
" OMG we have to leave right know!" she said crying her eyes out trying to keep from falling. Then i ran to her and huged her tightly and told her that everything is going to be okay and we are going to the airport right know i wanted to do something else for her because i knew that she was so scared and was hurting but i didnt know what else to do beside hug her but i know for a fact that Zack isnt going to get to her because he will have to go throw me and the other lads first!

Acacia P.O.V
once Ni told me what he hurd on the news i started crying my eyes out and tryed not to fall and just start balling because it hurt me so bad that i litterly felt like i was going to die! then her ran to me and hugged me so tight and told me everything was going to be okay and i felt really safe with him because i know that he wont let no one hurt me and i wont let no one hurt him because i love him to much then niall came in and told me we have to go right know because we have to go get the tickets and we have to go right know or we are going to miss the plane and we need to hurry so not much pap get to us then niall got my bags and took them to his car then i got in and i was surprised that no pap was out then when we got to the airport a whole bunch a fans were crouding us saying " YOU GUYS ARE THE CUTEIST CUPLE EVER!" and they wanted our autograph but niall said that we have to go somewhere important and we are running late but the fans just wanted autographs so then niall signed just a cuple and then some of them want mine but i dont have a autograph so i just wrote my name and then we ran to the where we get the tickets and got on the plane safly and then then plane took off
" Babe can you ask the lady for a blanket?"
" Are you cold or do you want one if those things for your neck?"
" Im cold because the air is on and i also ate ice cream"
" Here just take my jacket"
" No thats okay you are going to need it"
" No here" then he took it off and then he told me to stand up then he put it on me i felt like the happiest girl ever then i started to get tired and layed my head on his shoulder and went to sleep

Nialls P.O.V
She looked so cute sleeping but i wish she was more comfortubul then the plane landed and we had a limo waiting to get us so i woke up Acacia and told her that we landed then we got our stuff and walked out hand in hand and then we saw the limo person and then they took us to the flat and then when we got there and out of the limo we opened the door and then they all came up to acacia and hugged her then they told me that they missed me then Liam asked why she was such in a rush on the fun and then me and Acacia sat down and told him then liam was so shocked that he had to tell the other lads and then they all said that they have to go throw them then a knock came from the door and Acacia hid behind me and i knew who it was then i told her it is nothing to worrie about then i went to open the door and her face was just priceless because 5 sauce was at the door then luke came in and told her his name and she said i know who you are but i am Acacia and she went throw all of the lads i was kinda laughing then we talked for a while and then Acacia just let this out we should make a song together and i have never heard Acacia sing so i said yos but you have to have some solos just you she just smiled and hugged me then i pulled her away and just kissed her pashanitly (idk how to spell that sorry i am a bad speller) then as soon as we went to go record there was a knock at the door and then Acacia asked did you guys invite anyone and they all said no so i told her to run upstairs and hide somewhere and then i opened the door and then i herd Acacia come out and then she yelled Zack and started to cry then we all stood around her

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