A Dream Come True

there is this girl named acacia and she was abused by her step dad named Zack and she ran away and you wont believe who she ran into and what happens read to find out more :)


21. Finally going home

Nialls P.O.V
After they drew blood from me and harry i asked calum where Acacia went and he told me that she went outside because she told me that she hates needles so i asked if 

he could tell her that we are done so then calum went outside and told her that they are done getting blood drawen so then calum and acacia walked in and then calum 

asked her for her number and she looked at me with a look if she could or not so then i shook my head to say yes so then she did then she got my stuff and helped me 

out to the car and calum helped harry to the car then when we got in there acacia drove home and she turned the raido on and then amneisa came on the raido as the 

numbe one song in the usa so i said congrats to calum then he said thanks then i looked over to acacia because she said that she really liked 5sos so when i looked 

over at her she was singing so i texted calum and told him to listen verry carefully to acacia cause she was singing then he got closer to and then he texted me back 

and told me that she sings really good then i shock my head with agrement then when the song got over we pulled into the drive way and then acacia got out and walked 

over to my door and opened it then helped me out of the car and calum did the same but harry opened the door then when we got to the door acacia opened it and when we 

walked in all the lights were shut off so i asked acacia if she new what was happining then she said no so i just thought no one was home so then calum turned on the 

lights and all of the lads jumped out from behind the sofa and said welcome home then they all came to me and harry and gave us a hug but not to tight cause our 

stomach still hurt from the accadent then acacia asked if she could talk to me alone upstairs in my room so then i said sure then we walked up there and when we got 

there i asked her
" so what did u want to talk to me about?"
" well i just wanted to tell you that i wil be here for you tell you are all heald and feel better like you were here for me when i broke my ankel"
" okay thanks babe and i was hoping that you would stay with me and help me tell i feel better" i said laughing
" o shutup she said laughing i just wanted to tell you and pluse i just wanted to have some you and me time with out the other buys" 
" o okay well i was hopeing that you wanted to go out for dinner tonight but if you just want to have some me and you time then we can have that to we can go on the 

sofa and watch a scary movie and couddle but what i wanted to do it go out for dinner at the fancy resturant down the street just me and you so we can get away from 

all of this and forget this ever happened" i said getting closer to her
" yeah okay lets go out to dinner i think it would be fun so when do you want to go" she said smiling
" right know go get ready and then when your ready we can go"
" okay but first i want to do something i have been waiting to do when you woke up"
" and what would that be" i said laughing
" ill show you"
then she got closer and closer then she kissed me and then i asked for entrince then she let me and then it lasted for all about 3 minutes then she pulled away and said i am going to go get ready know i hope you do the same then she left and got in the shower then i went and got ready to
Acacias P.O.V
After that kiss with ni i went to go get ready cause he said we are going to out to dinner and he said it was a fancy resturant so i had to wear a dress no doubt so i looked threw my closet and coulnt find no dresses that i wanted to wear then i remembered what Kaylie and Karisa told me " we bought you some extra dresses because i knoe you dont have alot and we put them in a box under yours and nialls bed" so then i go back into mine and nialls room and niall was still sitting there so i asked him why he is still sitting there then he told me just thinking so i was thinking about what he was thinking about then he asked me what i was doing back in here i thought you were getting ready so then i told him i am still getting ready i just need to find something so then i go over and look under the bed and sure enough there was the box so i took the box hopeing that niall wouldnt ask but i spoke too soon what the box? he asked so i told him ther some of the chothes that Karisa and Kaylie bought then i went to the bathroom and looked at what they bought and there was one dress that was a baby blue colored that was strapless and it was kinda short in the front and long in the back then i keep looking and then there was a peach one that was stapless and it was short but not too short and at the very end of the dress there was sparkles then the last one was a redish color that was long but not to long it touched the ground so then i couldnt decide so i decided to try all of them on to see what one i liked better then after i got all done trying them on i decided to go with the baby blue one so then i put the dress on blow dried my hair cause it wasent all the way dried then got out my wand curling iron and as i waited for it to heat up i started to do my make up and after i got done with my make up the wand was heat up so i curled my hair then niall yelled something and i could hear him so then he yelled it again and he said
" are you almost done babe i resurved us seats and we have to be there soon"
" yeah i am almost done ill be down in 10"
" okay o and i hope you want be mad at me but" he said scared
" but what?"
" um Zayn wanted to come and bring his new girl friend"
" yeah thats fine is it going to be a double date or are we going to be sitting at our own table" i said while curling the last couple of pices of my hair
" um it will be a double date if thats okay"
" thats fine i wonder who his new girl friends is do you know who it is" i said cirouse
" um i actualy dont know but we will find out soon"
" yeah thats true will ill be down soon i just have to finish my hair"
" okay dont be to long"
after that i was starting to think who it was becuase i know Kaylie likes him and has always told me that she wanted to go out with him but she was to scared pluse she said it would never work out because she lives to far away so i wonder who it could be then i finished my hair and walked into our room and looked at my shoes and decided to wear white flats after i put them on i grabed my phone and walked down stairs to see niall in the kitchen getting a drink of pepsi
" wow you look beautiful" he said with a smile on his face
" so do you well not beautiful you look handsome but thank you"
" thanks princess o and um louis has a new girl friend to"
" well who could she be" i said questioning
" i dont know but louis and zayn said they started dating the girls on the same day but they are different girls i had to say that becuase the way i said it made it sound like they were cheating" he said laughing
" it okay well is louis going to be coming with us to"
" no he just wanted me to tell you because he is coming home tomorrow from staying with his girl friend and he is bringing her so you are going to meet her"
" o okay well should we go im hungry and im sure liam and his date that i realy want to find out who it is are waiting" i said kind of pulling him
" okay yeah lets go" he said laughing
Zayns P.O.V
when we got here we went inside and told the man that was by the doors a seet for 4 then he asked for the name so i  said Niall Horan then he leed us to the table and then i pulled the seat out for my date Kaylie and then i sat down then we started to talk and she said 
" Have you told Acacia that we are dating?" she asked scared
" No but im sure she will be happy for you"
" i know she will but im sure she will be a litle upset that i didnt tell her sooner i mean we are best friends well we are sisters"
" Im sure she will be okay with it anyways look who is coming Niall and Acacia are here"
then the man led them to the tabel and Acacia looked at me and then she looked at kaylie but i guess not good enough and then when niall pulled the chair out for her infront of Kaylie before niall could push the chair in and sit down acacia jumped up and kinda yelled kaylie and she got up and then they hugged each other then sat back down and me and niall just sat ther giggling then i looked at kaylie with the look that said i told you everthing would be fine and she just smiled then acacia and i stated talking
" so why didnt you tell me your dating my best friend" she said mad playing around
" well she didnt want no one to know for a while"
" Kaylie why didnt you want know one to know you guys look cute together"
" well because i didnt know if it would work because i live so far away and i wanted you to be the first one to know well i should say the second one to know"
" the seconds one who was the first one to know" i said confused
" karisa because me and her went to zayn and louis house and well karisa is dating louis and i told her and she told me"
" i new thos to would get together sooner or later"
then after they stopped talking the waiter came over and then he asked if we were ready then we all said yes at the same time it was a little funny then i told him that i wanted pepsi to drink and i want a stack with patatos and gravy then after i could here niall and acacia laughing about something then kaylie orderd she got tea to drink and crab and a small cake then acacia ordered and she got pepsi to drink and crab with a small cake to i laughed at how much they had in commen then acacia and kaylie both said what at the same time and me and niall both laughed then niall orderd and he got pepsi to drink and a lobster with patatos and gravy then the man left 
" i feel left out" i said trying not to wine
" why do you feel left out?" Niall siad
" because all you guys got sea food and i didnt"
" then why didnt you get it?" kaylie said
" because it didnt sound good" he said laughing
" then stop complaining" kaylie said laughing and playfuly pushed his shoulder
then after we talked a little longer our food came then kaylie and acacia was having a hard time cracking the crab shell so i showed kaylie a easy way to do it and niall showed acacia how to do it a easy way to and after we showed them kaylie noticed the bandage on nialls stomach
" what happened niall?" kaylie asked consourned
" o this nothin just forget about it"
then i felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and it was a text from kaylie
K- Kaylie  Z- Zayn
K- what happened to Niall do you know?
Z- yeah i was there when it happened it happened to harry to but they dont like to talk about it
K- what happened to them?
Z- okay. so a couple of days ago Zack found acacia and 5sos were there and then zack started to come near acacia so niall and harry steped closer to zack and then zack cut ther stomack then calum i cnat remember who it was i was to freaked out called the cops and he went to prison
K- thats tarabul are they okay?
Z- yeah they are you just cant talk about it when niall and harry are arounf becuase they dont like to talk about it
K- okay
then after that i put my phone away and looked up and niall and acacia were done eating and so were we so then the man came back with the bill and i payed for me and kaylie and niall payed for him and acacia then when we went outside to leave before i said goodbye i told niall and acacia that me and kaylie are going to come over tomorrow well im coming back home i should say then they said okay and said our goodbyes and they got int he car and we go in the car and then we left  


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