A Dream Come True

there is this girl named acacia and she was abused by her step dad named Zack and she ran away and you wont believe who she ran into and what happens read to find out more :)


6. eves dropping

zayns P.O.V
when liam was getting the other mates to go see what that noise was so when he got all of the mates he came to get me in the living room and i told him i didnt want to go because i was scared and i wanted to finish watching catching fire but he dragged me off the sofa to come 
"Do i have to go"
"Yes you have to"liam demanded again 
so we all went up the stairs as quiet as possible and then at the top i saw Acacia standing and it looked like she was thinking and then not very far behind her was Niall and when acacia saw us she snapped out of it and said hi and walked down stairs then i asked niall what he was thinking about because he had a thinking face 
"I am just thinking about what she was thinking about"
"that sounds weird" 
"what?? i think she was thinking about if she liked me, or if she was falling for one of you mates but there is other reasons i just dont want to say"
"okay well all you can do is ask"
"yeah i guess you are right but i realy dont want to tell her because i dont know how she fells" i said depressed 
"listen mate you should tell her because maybe she fells the same but you wont know how she fells if you dont ask because if you dont ask the longer you are pushing off the relastionship and by the time you ask her she might have found someone else so it is now or never"
"you are right i am going to tell her when we go to bed tonight or i wil ask her if she wants to go to dinner with me and tell her there"
"you should ask her out to dinner and tell her there because it will be romantic and you guys will have one on one and she will always remember"
"okay i will do it over dinner at the place down the street"
"okay good luck i am going back down stairs to watch catching fire because i was rudly interupted bye"
so i went back down stairs to finish watching my movie but i hope that Niall leaves single and comes back in a relastionship 
Acacias P.O.V
i was going upstairs to go to the bathroom when i herd Nial and Zayn talking so i decited to stay to here what they were saying and i thought it was going to be awhile so i sat down then i herd niall say i was thinking if she she liked me or if i was falling for one of the mates and i was not falling for for the other mates i was falling for niall then i herd zayn say somehting all you can do is ask mate and i thought to myself yes you shoudl ask and i keep saying ask in my mind then as i was thinking all i herd was niall say yeah i guess you are right i am going to tell her tonight in bed or take her to dinner and tell her then i was freaking out a little bit inside because i might have a boyfriend before the night is over then i stopped thinking because i hurd zayn say somthing like you should over dinner and other stuff i couldnt hear very well no more because they started talking quiet and the last thing i herd was Niall say we are going to the place down the street then i herd zayn coming down the stairs and ran back to the living room 
"So zayn what took you so long?" i asked like i didnt know
"O nothing important realy"
"O okay well i am going to go shopping for something see you in a couple of hours"
i wonder if she hear me and Niall talk about what is going to happen tonight because Acacia sounded excited and she hasnt been shopping at all and i couldnt believe that she was going out by her self because of how scared she was for what ever reason why she was scared so i thought that i would go tell niall because i had a felling that she was listing to us talk
Nialls P.O.V
i cant believe that i am going to tell the pretist girl that i know that i like her all i could think about know is what she is going to say and if she says no what would i do and i dont hvae no clue what i am going to wear maybe one of the lads have something that i can use because i dont have many tukis because i never do things like this and i hope this is the only time i have a girlfriend because next i want a family maybe i am thinking to far ahead because i dont even know what she is going to say i am just going to walk out tonight felling positive then i herd a knock on my door *Knock Knock*
"Hey i have to tell you something important" zayn said worried
"what is it" i said confused
"i think acacia herd us talking"
"how do you know"
"because when she saw me coming into the living room she asked me what took me so long and she said i am going to go shopping be back in a couple of hours and she went alone and she would never go alone because she was so scared frome us let alone other people"
"well dont think like that maybe she just wants new cloths because she is tired of wearing thos ones she has on" i said scared
"well i hope you are right because if you want it to be a surpries it wont be if she herd"
i sat down hoping she didnt here because i wanted it to be a suprise about what is going to happen tonight and if she knows then if she dont like me she can make up some reason why she dont want to go i am just hoping she didnt hear Niall think positive not negititve i told my slef
Acacias P.O.V 
I am home everyone but there was no answer i wonder what is happing then i herd the door swing open o hey you are home i didnt expext you to be home this early Liam said loudly i think so the other mates could here him 
"you are back early"
"yeah i got all the things i needed"
"well you are in a good mood"
"yeah i am i just hope this person knows that i like him thats all"
"o well i think i know who that person is and i think he might"
"you do and how do you know"
"yes it is Niall and just the way he looks at you"
"o okay"
that was weird i think the lads are acting weird like they are keeping something from me then after i got done talking to Liam Niall came in with bags full of stuff but i didnt know what they were so i asked him 
"Whats in the bag"
"nothing you might see later"
umm that was weird if you ask me i think niall is realy going to tell me tonight T the place down the street and not chicken out like when he trys to talk to me somethimes but i bought a lot of things i just dont know what to wear so i am going to call my besties Kaitlyn and i call her Kaitee and my other Besties kaylie karisa and carrie i hope that at leat one of them have been there 


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