A Dream Come True

there is this girl named acacia and she was abused by her step dad named Zack and she ran away and you wont believe who she ran into and what happens read to find out more :)


8. Dinner

Nialls P.O.V
when we left i couldnt believe that Acacia said yes but i hope that she dont freak out when i tell her tonight when we are eating i just hope she says yes and then as i was going to tell Acacia how beautiful she looked the waiter came and asked what we wanted 
"i want a stake with patatos and gravy on the side and a pepsi and a small cholocate cake with ice cream please"
"um okay yeah i will bring that out what do you want"
"i want a small stake and a salad with ranch and i want pepsi to drink"
"okay i will be back in 20"
"wow this place is packed"
"i know i think after this we should go walk in the park?"
"yeah that will be fine o and did i say how beautiful you are?"
"lol yeah you did before we walked out of the door"
"o well i am going to say it again you are beautiful" i said that made us both laugh
then i was just looking to take all this in because if she says yes i will be with the hotist person i know and she is way to beautiful for me i mean i am not even handsom but all my fans think i am but i dont think then as i was thinking i got interupted by the waiter named Kelsey 
"here is the stake and patatos and gravy"
"right here thanks"
"here is the stake and salad"
"here thanks"
"and here is the cholocate cake and the pepsis"
"thank you"
then me and Acacia started eating and the food was realy good but all i wanted to do is just look at her wich it is shocking for me because you knoe how much i love my food then as we finished our food the water came and handed us the bill it was $50.75
"I will pay fo it Naill"
"No i will"
then we started about who was going to pay wich made us both laugh
"okay okay you can pay" acacia said why laughing 
"okay thanks"
"well should we go to the park now?"
"yeah and i have to tell you something when we get there"
"um okay" She said smileing
Acacias P.O.V
while i was at the resterant down the street niall orderd a lot of the food and then i asked him if we could go to the park after this and he agreed i just hope that he tells me at the park not at the dinner place because i think it would be more romantic if he said it at the park then when the bill came we fighted over who was going to pay the bill and then i told him that he could pay it and it made both of us laugh i have to admit it, it as realy funny then i said if we could go to the park right know and he said yeah but when we get there he has to tell me something i think he is going to tell me that he liked me but if he dont i wont know what to think because i like him and i dont want to be the one to tell him because i think that he should tell me that he likes me
Nialls P.O.V
when we left the dinner place we walked straight to the park down the street and no one was there so this is going to be romantic then when we got there we sat on the grass next to the playground and then we started talking and the i asked her scared of what she was going to say
"Hey can i ask you a question?" i asked scared and i was so shakey
"yeah anything you want" i said happy 
"umm well i want to know if um well i like you and i want to know if you want to go out with me?" i said quitly
"what did you say?"
"i said um well i like you and um well i was wondering if you want to go out next saterday?"
"yeah i would love to go out with you what time are we leaving?" I said happile
"when ever you want"
then after that we layed down coudling and looking at the starts and then we saw a shotting star and i said make a wish then we hurried and made a wish i just hope that is comes true because i would love if it came true then after that i saw a heart in the stars and then acacia said it stands for us it made us smile and then we fell asleep cuddled up together it was the best thing in the world i will never forget this day 

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