A Dream Come True

there is this girl named acacia and she was abused by her step dad named Zack and she ran away and you wont believe who she ran into and what happens read to find out more :)


13. Birthday Surprise

Acacias P.O.V
after i finished getting ready to go swimming then i went to go get my towel and then i grabed a blue towel and then i went down stairs and all i could do is smile at how hot niall looked and niall could do is smile and just keep looking at me and all he said was wow you are so beautiful and you look so sexi and i love you i think he said that 2 or 3 times and then we were off as soon as we got to the swimming pool there was no one there so i thought that was a little weird and then i asked niall why no one was there and he said
" because you are so special and i thought it is a good way to start off your birthday surprise"
" o you didnt have to do that but thats it means a lot to me and i love you a lot"
" i love you to"
Nialls P.O.V
I really want to tell her what i have for her birthday because i really want to ask her because i think the time is right because we have been together for almost a year now and i feel like the time is right and then after i am going to tell one of my best mates and i know that harry zayn liam and louis are my best mates but i have one more from a different band but harry zayn liam and louis are my best mates i just hope that she says what i want her to say and dont freak out too much about the mate i am going to show her her and also she says that she has a friend coming to the house that i havent meet and i thought that i knew all of her friends but i guess not i guess this one is a special on because i havent meet her yet if it even a girl then she asked me a question
" why is no one here?"
" because i rent it out for us so we can have more time together and so i am not surrouned by fans when i want to spend my day with my babe on her birthday"
" awwww you didnt have to do that for me but i think that we sould go swimming insted of just sit in the hot tub and have some fun"
" okay but after we should go home so i can give you your birthday surprise"
" okay but what do you think i meant by fun because i know that sometimes you can be really sick minded"
" not like that i think by swimming and just having a fun and awesome time" he said by laughing
" oaky well shall we go in the pool?"
" yeah"
i let her take her time to get into the pool because i know that she didnt know how to swim so she just sat at the edge and had her feet in the water and then i decided to make it a little romantic so i went and pushed her in the pool and i know that sounds mean but just wait and then i hurried and jumped in the pool and then she grabbed on to me and i helped her up above the water and then i brought her to a place where she could reach the ground and then she pushed me and ask me what was that for and i told her i am going to teach you how to swim and then she started to laugh and then i brought her to the deep end and she wouldnt let go of me because she was scared so i told her to trust me and then she let go and she did it then she was so happy and she litter was doing a swim running thing whitch was funny i started to laugh and then she cam up and ran into my arms and kissed me then it started to turn into a french kiss and then she started to swim under water and i followed her and then we kissed on the we went back to the top and then we started to laugh and cuddle and we sat there for a couple minutes and then i took her back home for her birthday surprise

Acacias P.O.V
It was so romantic what niall did i loved it but at first i thought he was being mean but then he jumped in right after and i wasnt even a second after and help be back out and then he thought me hoe to swim and it was the most remantic thing that has ever happened to me even tho i had the meaniest boyfriend before i meet niall and my ex broke up with me because i wanted the relashinship to go a little bit farther and he didnt so he broke up with me so i told myself that i am never going to date another boy again tell i meet niall at the park and then i started to fall for him but then when we got home the light were off when we we only gone for 10 min and then i turned them on and all the boys and my besties popped out and yelled surprise and it scared me so bad and then they told me to sit in the big chair and they all handed me some birthday presents and i told them that they didnt have to do this but they all yelled that they had to because i am special whitch wasnt true but i guess i will go along with it then the first present was zayns
" go ahead and open it zayn said with the biggest smile on his face
" okay"
then i opened it and it was a bran new phone that i have alway wanted and it was the iphone 5s
" thank you zayn" i stood up and then i hugged him
okay it is you turn harry zayn said
"i opened it and it was 2 plane ticket to cali and to disney land and then i looked at niall and he just smiled"
"thanks harry i got up and hugged him"
you turn liam
"okay here but me and all your besties bought this for you"
" okay"
i opened it and i couldnt believe what it was and it was 2 tickets to a concert and a card was in the bag that said "dont open this tell after the concert and open it with niall at the concert with the back stage passes"
"thanks guys"
okay louis your turn
"okay here you go hope you like it"
"i now i will"
then i opened it and it was a video and it didnt have no card on it or in it
" when can i watch it because there is no card"
" o sorry niall will tell you when to open it" he said laughing
" okay niall it is your turn" i told him with a smile on my face
"okay come out with me"
i wonder what this could be because he took me outside in the back and then he started talking about how much he loved me and i know we been dating for almost a year and then i started to get scared because i thought he was going to brake up with me because this is how my ex broke up with me but then he ask a question and it was will you marry me and i didnt say nothing because i was to happy and then i nodded because i couldnt say nothing because i was way to excited and he put the beautiful and it was a big diamond ring then i walked in the room and then they all yelled congrats and i just smiled and hugged niall and kissed him

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