Glad hes here (OC x Sasori)

Destiny is Deidara's little brother but what happens when she falls in love with his best friend Sasori.


1. glad your here

A/N: don't own this blah blah blah don't own Naruto or any if the people besides my OC so enjoy. Oh and this is in modern but there still ninjas HAHA SUCK THAT!!

Destiny is Deidara's little sister. She looked a lot like Deidara but her hair was in a ponytail a little like Ino's her best friend

Destiny giggled. "Ahhh school." Destiny said smiling. "Ahhh spring love." Ino copied her. "Spring love?" Sakura said confused. "Yup." Ino nodded pointing at Temari. "See that she's been spending lots of time with Shikamaru Nara. Look she made her skirt more short,flat ironed her hair combing it out and put 'Gucci' lipstick on." Ino explained. "How do you know all this stuff?" Sakura asked asked. "And she's acting different." Ino added ignoring Sakura. Sakura smirked. "What about you Ino?" Sakura asked. "What?" Ino tilted her head. "You have a spring love?" Sakura smirked. "What makes you say that?" Ino said. "Your hair isn't in a ponytail, your socks have strawberries all over it and your more happy today." Destiny said with a smirk making Ino blush. "Yeah." Ino admitted. "W-w-who?" Hinata asked. "K-k-Kiba." Ino said more shy then Hinata. "Awwwww." Destiny,Sakura and Hinata chirped. "Shut up." Ino said rolling her eyes as bell rung.

"Ok class today we have a new student." Kakashi announced. Destiny sat up looking forward as she saw a boy with red hair and light brown eyes with her brother Deidara. "Cute." Destiny whispered to herself smirking. Ino giggled texting something on her phone. (Key: Ino: Beautiful_Butterfly. Destiny: Destiny_Child. Sakura: The_Sakura_tree_above Sasuke. Hinata: Shy_but_strong. Naruto: Ramen_lover.)

Beautiful_Butterfly: *texted* I heard that

Destiny_Child: what

The_Sakura_tree_above Sakura: you said he was cute

Destiny_Child: um.....

Ramen_Lover: Awwwwe little Destiny is in love

Destiny_Child: Shut up Naruto *blushing madly*

The_Sakura_Tree_ above Sasuke & Beautiful_Butterfly: *giggling*

Shy_but_strong: it's cute Destiny am happy for you

Ramen_lover: yeah super cute.

Destiny closed her black and pink looking at the boy and as her brother left. "He's so..... Wow." Destiny said dumb struck. Ino smirked. "I have a plan." Ino said to herself giggling.

The bell rung meaning free period. "Perfect." Ino purred to herself.

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