Peyton Price lives on her mothers animal reserve in Africa. Her entire life has been centered around rescued African Wildlife, from Zebras, to Lions. She's never been old enough to actually work at the reserve, but on her 16th birthday, her mother has one more surprise. She's going to be working in the baby department. With all of the young wildlife. With a smokin' hot boss(;


2. Chapter 2

I sit on my memory foam mattress flipping through the latest Teen Vogue and savoring every bite

of the triple fudge cake mother had in the fridge. After a consecutive 3 hours held captive in my

room, mother went to sleep. And I snuck downstairs, intending on grabbing a plate of the

spaghetti dinner I missed out on, but then my eyes lay upon something much more fulfilling.

Cake, a girls best friend, yet worst enemy. I can basically feel the fat bubbling in my stomach. I

make sure to lick the dish clean before I place it aside. I lean back on the headboard and let out a

long, meaningful yawn. I close the magazine giving up on finding an interesting article, and flip on

my television, landing on ABC Family. Ravenswood? I decide to give it a chance, because in all

honesty, it sounds interesting. And if it ends up being boring, well I need sleep anyways. My mind

wonders as I try to concentrate on the show. Who was this guest at dinner? It was a man, I know

that much, the husky voice. And the heaving coughs caused from dust inhalation tells me that he

isn't from around here. And I know he left, I have a clear view to the front door from my bedroom,

why didn't I spy!? I'm angry at my idiocy. It'd better not be another one of mothers boyfriends! I

have hated every single one of them, alcohol reeked the breath of almost all of them. And they

never treated my mom with the respect she deserves. Perhaps my hatred towards all of them lies

in my past, from when my father left us, so that I have this unorthodox idea that all father-figures

in my life will be just as horrid, and do the same thing. And I cannot bear seeing my mother go

through that kind of stress again, she's finally picked herself up and I'm not going to let her fall

again, I'll be damned before I do that! I fight sleep as it tries consume me, but when it finally does,

I don't put up much of a fight


My alarm clock blares. My eyes flicker open and I stumble around the room until I find my light switch. School. Ew. I take pleasure in the sudden silence that fills the room as I shut the off button on my alarm, so much that I find myself dozing off while standing. 5:30 a.m. No one should have to get up this early. I sigh, walking over to my spacious closet. I swing the doors open, and they seem to go in slow motion, making my morning ritual seem like a movie. I pick out one of my favorite school outfits, a black and white tribal tank, black jean shorts and my black Toms.




















I put my hair into a simple fishtail and put a quick smoky eye on. School is really the only place I

go that I have a reason to dress up for, and I'm happy to do it. Appearance is everything at my

school. Believe it or not, our schools population is mostly American Citizens on trips with there

parents, so they rarely stay there more than two weeks. Which is a shame, because you can't

make friends with someone in less than two weeks, and even if you do, when they go home, you

tend to lose touch.




After devouring a pop tart I grab my backpack. "Bye mom!" Echoes through the house. I race out

the door. I'm met with the cold breeze of morning. I have exactly 5 minutes until the bus leaves, I

find myself running towards the gate. I push the buzzer. "Billy? Billy. Damnet." I mutter, I forgot

Billy doesn't get in until 7:00. I survey my situation. Two options, I decide. I can either go back

inside and miss school, and complain to my mother about how Billy forgot to set the timed

opener, or I could climb the fence. I'm not usually one for chickening out, so I decide to get the

adrenaline rush and hope for the best. I pull myself up onto the tall metal gate, my fingers

gripping the thin wires. I pull myself further and further until I'm nearly to the top, and my fingers

are burning. I swing my leg over and climb down to about 6 feet off the ground. I jump the rest of

the way. I look at my watch, 2 minutes. I sprint down the dusty path until I reach the bus stop. I

sigh with relief as I see the bus come into view. I knock. No one answers. I look around. Suddenly

someone taps my back. I turn around. It's Margaret, the middle aged African bus - driver. Sweat

beads her face and her eyes glimmer with fear. "I didn't know it was on there, you're supposed to

check in the morning but its never happened before, and I didn't take any notice is how the doors

were looking funny. Don't go in there." I shoot her a quizzical look. With a glance behind Margaret

I notice a group of huddled teens. "What the hell happened!" I whisper. She looks me dead in the

eye. "A lion, on the bus."




I instinctively jump away from the bus. "How did a lion get on the bus! And how did you not even

notice until now?" She shakes her head, ashamed. "She hid in the luggage compartment near the

back of the bus." I nod. "Yeah I know, but how did you find out she was in there." She looked

back at the kids. "A boy, opened the compartment door and the lion jumped out." I gasp. "Is he

hurt, where is he? Because I'm actually having trouble believing this." I turn, facing the bus. "No,

no. He's not hurt, somehow it didn't get him, he just ran off the bus, and after everyone was out, I

shut the doors, she hasn't tried to escape. I shake my head. "I should call my mother." She nods.

"Thank you dear." I dial the number, after a few rings, she groggily answers. "Wha-" I don't give

her time to finish. "There's a lioness on our bus. We need our people down here." It takes mother

a moment to grasp the concept, but then she shoots awake. "Oh gosh! We'll be down there soon,

were are you?" I hear rustling in the background. "My bus stop." I say. She hangs up. I turn to

face Margaret and my peers. "Okay guys, I need you to listen up!" I say loudly. All of there eyes

flash onto mine. "My mom and our crew are on the way, but right now I need you all to call your

parents and see if they can either pick you up and take you home, or drive you to school. If

anyone is still here by the time we leave, I'm sure my mother can fit 2 or 3 people in our van, if

you don't mind riding with a lion in the back."

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