in this fanfic, it would be about a girl named maddie,17, who moves to London in her new flat. she works at STARBUCKS one of her idols favorite place..ONE DIRECTION . would she ever meet them? if so, would they ever LIKE/LOVE her? who does she have true feelings for?harry styles or luke hemmings? ----> no one knows what will read on her LIFE AVENTURE! Filled with hate , love and DRAMA! <----


11. officer?

*still Maddie POV*

I woke up and gladly Harry was still sleeping next to me. I checked the time And it was 6:50 am, I remembered what happened last night and smiled as Harry woke up. He smiled and said

"okay good you're still here haha"

"Yeah why would I leave You're the one who has the keys?" I said jokingly

He laughed and stood up

"I think we should get back now , if you're hungry we can stop at IHop?" He offered

"Sorry I would but I can't I need to Work at 8:00" I said.

"Oh right. I think we should head back now"


I checked my phone since I knew I was going to be late to call Jade and tell her to Cover for me.

When Harry was Driving it was pretty quiet so Harry turned on The Radio. A 5 seconds of summer song was playing "she looks so perfect"

"Omg I love this song!" I said

"Yeah it's a Good song"

"Great?!? No it's PERFECT!" I said out loud

"Woah fangirl much?" Said Harry Chuckling

"Yeah kinda, I love them actually."

"Really? What would you do if you met them?" Harry asked

"I would DIE that's what I would do. " I said

"They're touring with Us in 3 months actually."

"I know and I'm Actually very jelouse! "

"Really? How do you know?" Harry asked Curiously

"I'm a Fan Remember?"

"right. It's just Sometimes I forget Since you act like I'm a Normal person." He said

"look , Harry I might be a Directioner but I'm not the Kind who would literally scream In you're face Once they See you; not that it's bad it's just I wouldn't Scream in your face for about 38 hours would I?"

"Well that's Very true." He said smiling.

Once we got to Harry's House there wa police cars everywhere and Niall was at the Door next to an Oflficer with a Notepad.

"Woah what's going on?" Harry Mumbled as he got out of the car quickly.

"Okay what did you do this time Niall?" Said Harry.

"Harry!!! There you are!!! Why weren't you back by 1:20 like you Said you would!?" Screamed Niall

"Oh shit sorry! I completely forgot!"

"Okay That's good you found him My job here is done." Said The officer

"What job did you do?" Said Niall as the Police officers Drove off.

We all walked inside and i said bye to the boys as I Kissed Harry in the Cheek and thanked him for Everything.

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