in this fanfic, it would be about a girl named maddie,17, who moves to London in her new flat. she works at STARBUCKS one of her idols favorite place..ONE DIRECTION . would she ever meet them? if so, would they ever LIKE/LOVE her? who does she have true feelings for?harry styles or luke hemmings? ----> no one knows what will read on her LIFE AVENTURE! Filled with hate , love and DRAMA! <----


5. Niall loves food.

maddie P.O.V

Harry swung open the door,and saw niall on top of Louis with a nandos bag. "WHAT IS GOING ON?!? WHATS ALL THE SCREAMING ABOUT?" said harry. "well, LOUIS BROUGHT NANDOS AND WONT GIVE ME THE BAG.." said niall. "just share it." said harry at niall and louis with a serious face. while I was laughing my ass off. they left to the living room while harry apologized. "no its okay really haha that made me laugh..ALOT.'' ''haha.right well if they love you being around,you will laugh a lot around here." he said with a wink. "I hope.. cheeky boy." I said being flirty.  harry just smirked at me with his green eyes locked in my brown eyes., we were just about to kiss, when zayn,liam,and perrie came through the door. "hey mate! woah..sorry to interrupt your session harry. shes very preety though!'' zayn said smiling . perrie just playfully elbowed him. "haha thank you..but there wasn't a session hah" I said a little shy and embaressed.

"don't be shy love! if harry likes you then we like you. we can be like family. haha" said liam

"not you guys remember taylor?" said niall throwing away his nandos bag. "lets not talk about That guys.." said harry a little down. "anyways! where were you guys??" said harry breaking the awkuard silence. "we were at perries chillin with little mix how about you harry? well Before we walked in your time haha'' zayn said while I just blushed. ''I went to pick maddie up so we can all meet her again.'' "oh that's cool. we should watch a movie?'' said niall smiling at me. "yeah that would be cool" I said smiling politely back. we all noded in agreement and went to the livingroom. 

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