in this fanfic, it would be about a girl named maddie,17, who moves to London in her new flat. she works at STARBUCKS one of her idols favorite place..ONE DIRECTION . would she ever meet them? if so, would they ever LIKE/LOVE her? who does she have true feelings for?harry styles or luke hemmings? ----> no one knows what will read on her LIFE AVENTURE! Filled with hate , love and DRAMA! <----


17. just a little punk..

* Jade's POV *

I went to open the door and found the 5 seconds of summer with One direction . " hey guys your kinda early so you guys wouldn't mind waiting for us to get ready right?" I aasked the boys.

"Sure take all the time you girls need and nice outfit ." Said Niall giving me a looped side smile . I run to my room and change my clothes because some ketchup fell on my top . After I finish getting ready I decided to see if Maddie was ready.

Once I got to her room I noticed she had on had a mess of dresses on her bed and she was now putting all them alway In her walk in closet .

" jade ." I heard Maddie call me while looking at herself in the mirror." Yes?" I said while opening her closet door.


"jade!" I said calling Jade.


She said Opening the door. "Does this look okay?"

I said showing her what I was wearing. "Yeah it does! Don't you like it?" Jade said with a Smile.

"Well yeah I do but.. I don't know I feel like changing into another dress you know, one more 'Clubby' haha" I said with a Small laugh.

"Oh okay well.. Umm.. Wear this leather dress?" Said jade rummaging through my closet.

"Ohh yes! Perfect! Thanks jade it looks soo punk rock." I said with a Grin.

"Wait...? This isn't about looking "clubby"said Jade. Smiling while Crossing her arms.

"Yea it is?" I said

"No you just want to look your punkest for the 5sos boys?" Said jade grinning extra wide now.

"As if!! Not even. I just want to look nice today because Yes. I want to look clubby and pretty because I am meeting my idols! Also known as 5sos!" I said

"Oh Righttt."

"Okay now get out I need to change Jade."

"What? No. I want to help u pick out jewelry and shit."

"No I can do it just hurry and keep the 9 boys Company. Oh and Don't forget to say your thank you's in kisses with Niall for the phone number k?"

"shut Up! They are right downstairs!"

"No I can do whatever I want I'm punk rock." I said with the Michael reference.

"Ughhhhhh." Said Jade exiting the room.

After I put my leather, tight, theigh length black Dress. I put on my golden heals and My studded earrings with Matching braclets and necklace.

I did my makeup and curled my hair quickly with the Curling wand.

I took my Golden clutch and walked down the stairs, where I personally seen my idols. Along with Jade and The one direction boys.


I was on my cellphone when a hazel eye'd girl came down the stairs and started talking to the one direction boys, after 5 mins of talking she went and Introduced herself. She said her Name was Jade 'aka Best friend of a 5sos Fan' she Told us about her bestfriend and how she is Crazy about our band. Also how she's 'looking punk rock' for us.

The way jade described her was outgoing and funny.

A few minutes later a gorgeous girl with a tight short leather dress and long curled hair walked down the stairs to greet Harry. She was beautiful.

"Hey, um who's that?" I asked Niall.

"That's Maddie the girl jade was talking about" Niall said with a Smile.

"Oh okay. Maddie never mentioned how beautiful she is." I said blushing a Little.

"Woah mate I know she is but I think you can't have that one." Niall said pulling me to the side.

"Why?" I said A little sad.

"Because she's going out with Harry right now and Harry was planing on asking her out this week.."

"Oh..well thanks for telling me Niall." I said Disappointed.

"Hiii!" Said someone taking me out of my thoughts.

"Oh um hey" I said once I knew it was the gorgeous girl jade was taking about.

"Oh so it's not hi it's hey" said the girl giggling.

"Pretty much" I said Laughing along.


"Fan" she said still smiling.

"So who's your favorite from the band?" I said.

"Dude you can't ask that, I love all of you!" She said

"But you just met me"

"Yeah But once you're a Fan you feel like you know them for years already."

"Oh that's so Sw—" I said but got cut off by Michael taking her away.

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