in this fanfic, it would be about a girl named maddie,17, who moves to London in her new flat. she works at STARBUCKS one of her idols favorite place..ONE DIRECTION . would she ever meet them? if so, would they ever LIKE/LOVE her? who does she have true feelings for?harry styles or luke hemmings? ----> no one knows what will read on her LIFE AVENTURE! Filled with hate , love and DRAMA! <----


2. мєєтιиg тнєм

I pressed send. when a black fan pulled up outside,I didn't really see it since I was on my phone, but I knew there was a group of people walking over towards the door really fast. as if so no one can see them. I locked mt phone and put it in my pocket. putting on my apron and when I turned around, I got SHOCKED. TRAUMITIZED . whatever u call it! I saw infront of me was a boy. blue eyes .blond hair and a cute smile.. then it hit me. it was niall horan FROM MY IDOLS ONE DIRECTION!!!  I just stared.. until he broke my stare saying casually "uhhm , me and my friends would like 3 capuchinos and and 2 chocolate chip mochas please" he said while staring at the menu. "oh um yea sure" I said snapping out of my gaze. I wrote down his ordered and went to make them. then jane came in the back scaring me . 'HEY MADDIE WHAT U UP TO BABE!!!!!" I got so scared as the powder of the coffee fell on my apron. "hii..U SCARED ME !!". I said as I cleaned it off me. she just laughed and took off her jacket. "who our coustemers I hear laughing?" she said as she ties her apron around her waist. I wanted to surprise her so I just said ''oh just a group of guys'' I said smirking at her. I was trying so hard to not smile really big. but I failed. she just gave me a weird and confused look and went to the counter. her jaw DROPPED, when she saw who it was. ''hey babe are they done?'' said zayn walking over to us. ''yes! they are'' I said coming from behind jade who was staring directly at zayns eyes. zayn just smiled at her and looked at me. ''thank you love..'' he said, paying me and taking the drinks, ''no thank you..i said smirking. I went to the other side and asked him if he needed help. he nodded with a smile on his face and I helped him . when I got to the table, Louis and harry were play fighting each other. they didn't seem to notice me and zayn walking over I suppose. because I was setting 1 cup down and harry flipped his hand back and hit the cup. it splashed ALL OVER me. the hot motcha burned on my stomac and theighs. I shrieked in pain as I rubbed it off with repeated ''owws'' I just rubbed on my theighs when jade came over with napkins. 'im soo sorry love!!! please forgive mee!!" he said in an worried voice. "its okay.'' I said as the pain slowly went away. he just starede at me looking ashamed at his behavior. ''its my fault im sorry'' Louis said as he gave me napkins 'no its okay really, hehe..'' the pain went away already. I felt realeved.    

''hey aren't u 1D? jade said. ''haha ofcorse they are jade'' I knew she was acting like she didn't know.. ''no were the chettah girls'' said niall laughing , we all laughed along. ''im sorry if Im bothering u and all but can I please have a picture?? ive been dieing to meet you boys" she asked. ''ofcorse love!'' zayn said emidiatly standing up. I was taking off my wet coffee apron when I saw from the corner of my eyes someone staring at me. I turned and saw harry smirking. I smirked back and blushed. I think he saw me as he stood up walking over to me. ''I am really sorry about this. really. I am." he said standing infront of me while the other boys stood up to leave. ''its okay really I can just change . this isn't the first coffee I dropped on myself.haha'' he laughed and smirked. ''well to repay you how about I take u out tomarow?'' he said still smirking. ''you don't need to harry, really'' I said ''you know my name?'' he asked looking surprised. ''ofcorse I do. if I didn't I wouldn't call myself a directioner..'' I said smiling and blushing a little because I was in front of THE harry syles. ''you aree..?'' he asked surprised. ''why so surprised?'' I asked smirking. ''nothing. just I thought that if a directioner was in a room with one direction they would've screamed there heads off..i know I would've.'' he laughed . I laughed with him. ''COME ON MATE!! we have to go to the interview!!'' said Louis. ''so..what do you say? tomarow? take you out to hmm..a park so I can repay you..and get to know you..'' he said smiling. ''hmm..YES.'' I said smiling really big and blushing a little.''okay. than can I have your..number?'' he asked with the cheekiest cutes grin I ever saw. ''yea, yea ofcorse'' I said smiling and taking out a paper from my note pad I take orders iave him the paper and made a move. ''call me when you can babe.'' I told him with a smile and a wink. '' cant I..'' he said blushing.  ''Bro we really need to go..!!'' zayn yelled inside . ''right ill be there in a minute!'' harry yelled back. ''so ill see and text you?'' he asked ''yeap. '' I said with a smile. ''Ok see you! before the lads drag me out by my curls..'' he said laughing. I laughed too ''yea haha bye'' I waved as he walked out getting a last stare before he left out the door.

OMG!!!!! I SAW EVERYTHING!!! said jade as she startled me again. ''yea..!! stop scaring me.'' 

''sorry but let me remind you. HARRY STYLES FLIRTED WITH YOU AND ASKED YOU FOR HIS NUMBER!!'' she said while another coustomer walked in (I know you asking yourself why didn't other people come in while 1D was there, it was because 1Ds security didn't allow people in the shop while 1D was there.) yea..i know!!! Ii said with a huge smile on my face. I knew this day would be good. I just knew it. 

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