in this fanfic, it would be about a girl named maddie,17, who moves to London in her new flat. she works at STARBUCKS one of her idols favorite place..ONE DIRECTION . would she ever meet them? if so, would they ever LIKE/LOVE her? who does she have true feelings for?harry styles or luke hemmings? ----> no one knows what will read on her LIFE AVENTURE! Filled with hate , love and DRAMA! <----


10. date :)


After saying bye to Maddie I decided not to be a loner and go get some ice cream. I'm hopping the ice cream

shop is open at this time of night . I decided to wear some gray sweats with my blue ugg's and a black beanie that say's "BI$H WHETT?" With a camo jacket. Once I left my apartment and found the ice cream place I headed in.

"Hey , how may I help you today?" , Said the young looking cashier. "I will like a large cone with cookies and cream ice cream and some hot chocolate fudge on top please", I told the girl behind the counter. I just noticed that Maddie and Harry are at this ice cream shop too , I wanted to go and say hey , but I don't want to ruined their date so i decided to leave them alone. even though Harry looks really hot tonight , but I would never tell Maddie that. After I paid for my ice cream I decide to drive home and eat the ice cream there.

Once home I decided it was a good time to watch some YouTube videos of One Direction and 5 Seconds of summer . This reminded me of Maddie and Harry at the ice cream shop early today. Getting Maddie and Harry out of my thoughts I noticed that One direction videos and 5 seconds of summer videos were quite hilarious. I looked at the time and noticed it was 11:30 so I decided to ask Maddie tomorrow about her date with Harry when we go in for work.

*Maddie POV*

"I think we had enough Icecream Harry haha" I said as I held my Stomach from all the Icecream I ate. "How can You have too much Icecream babe?" Harry said With a Smile. "I don't know I just Feel full which Is weird."

"well okay , we can Go now but you're not going home." He said with a Smirk. god he loves to smirk and every time he Does it I get this weird feeling in my stomac..?

Harry stood up and Payed for the Icecream because he Insisted that he did as him being a 'gentlemen' and all.

We got in the car and Harry drove to a Highway. "Where are we going?" I said

"you will see." Said Harry

I got kind of worried because I only knew him for like 28 hours. Not like I was counting or anything...

"Harry it's 12:55 we have to be back by 1:20 and you're taking the Highway?" I said

"It's okay I'll just call the boys and tell them we will be a Little late"

"Oh okay. I don't want then to call the cops" I said Laughing

"True , we don't want that"

I was Almost falling asleep when Harry stopped near a Pond.

"Hey babe we're here"

"Hmm.." I said Sleepily but I soon awoken Fast when I seen the Beautiful scenery of the Pond in the Night with the Light of the moon.

I was going to come out the Car until Harry stopped and told me to stay inside the Car and don't come out until he advises me to.

Harry got a Black blindfold out of his pocket and tied it around my eyes.

"Now please don't take it off until I tell you to okay babe?" He said

"Okay" I said . Everytime he says "Babe" those weird feelings come back.. The same Feelings I felt for my last boyfriend. The one who abused me at age 16. Good thing I ran away from him before he stabbed me with his pocket knife . I felt a Tear running down my cheek as I remember the thought of my last boyfriend.

"Okay you can take the Blindfold off babe" Harry Said taking me away from my bad thoughts.

I quickly wiped the tear which I'm guessing he didn't notice -which is good ; and took the blindfold off as Harry helped me put of the Car.

"Woah it's Beautifull" I Said with a Big smile as I saw what Harry has done , there was Roses shaped in a Heart form in the Grass aside from the Late , in the middle of the Heart of roses was a Red and white blanket with a guitar , candy and chocolate , along with a movie and a projector; in the pond there was flowers but they were Lillie's

"Woah.." I said again.

"Do you like it?" Harry said with hope in his eyes.

"No..sorry." I said

"Oh..well okay then sorry for waisting time.." Harry said with a Frown.

"I'm Just kidding!!! I Love it babe!" I said while giving him a quick kiss on the Cheek.

"oh! Well that's Great I was really scared and embaresed haha" Harry said putting the Smile back on his face which I love to see

"You're so gullible Harry who wouldn't love this? It's soo sweet."

"Well I try" said Harry with a Cheeky smile.

"Soo now it's Time to know more about each other ? So let's play the good ol' 20 Queshtons" said Harry

"Sure , you start"

"Okay , favorite color?" Harry said

"Blue." I said


Can I ask you a Question? Said Harry .

"Well sure Harry it's Basically in the Game we are playing" I said Giggling.

"Why are you owning an apartment by yourself and you're 17?" He said curiously.

"Well I preety much moved out because of my ex-Boyfriend who I thought loved me." I said

"Can I please ask what happened?"

"Sure, well you see when I was 16 I fell in love with this guy named Connor . I thought he was the best boyfriend I can ever have and I would get married or whatnot it I was Wrong. I moved in with him Because my mom had 'bigger problems' passing through a divorce with my dad , so she didn't pay mind to it . I moved in his place and Dropped out of high school , I was in year 11 at the time because I skipped a Grade , he had parties all the time until I saw him Kissing another girl at a Party , I ran out of the House until he saw me and started yelling at me as to why I'm walking away from him , I could tell he was Drunk because his breath smelled like Alcohol and his eyes were Red. I yelled back and said that I saw him kiss another girl . And it was Over between us. That Was the worst thing I did in my life because right then and there he Took out his pocket knife and Gun and told me to Choose which to kill me With. He said "if I can't have you Then no one can have you." That's when a guy came outside and called the Police. The police came and took him away but before he went away he said these exact words, "I will be back. And when I am , I will get you back. If I see you with Another guy you Won't choose what to be killed with, I will." At that moment I was scared for life..I told my dad and he bought me a new apartment under his name. I started cutting for 10 months straight until the pain went away , it never did but I went to Rehab and therapy cause my Bestfriend Jade suggested it , that's when I stopped." I explained to Harry and tears were already streaming down my face nonstop.

"Wow..sorry for asking but I'm glad I know that's now. You look so strong and Confident I I promise I would never treat you like that" Harry said while kissing the Scars I showed him.

After the short heart to heart talk we had he put on a Big white Blank Poster and hung it up on a Tree and turned on the projector . I lauded there watching the movie 'Up' as sleep took over me..

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