3. Enigmatic




"Hey, buddy, anyone in there?" I wave my hand frantically in the new boy's face. He seems to have spaced out, either that or he's taking in his view of the tattered shack. "Oh, um, sorry." He stutters apologetically, shuffling his feet. I half walk him, half carry him to the others. Violet and Scourge are in the back of the room, playing a game of cards. I motion for them to set down the cards and they obey, looking up at our newcomer intently. 

"Who is this?" Scourge immediately questioned, looking over the boy like a hunter examining his prey. "He hasn't given us a name yet. He seems to have amnesia like the rest of us." I explained, putting my hand on the boy's shoulder again, though he flinched a bit as I did so. "He's really hurt, isn't he?" Violet worried as she looked up at the boy with big, sympathetic eyes.

I patted Violet gently on her head, a warm smile across my lips. "He'll be fine. You think you can help me fix him up?" She nodded, a cute smile on her features. "He needs a name first though!" The newcomer just tilted his head, flashing her a look of curiosity. I watched with interest as Violet got up and looked him straight in the eyes. "Maximum." 

I blinked and my eyes were slightly widened as were the boy's. She seemed so sure of the name. "So, we can call you Max for short!" Scourge suggested, but Violet shook her head. "Just Maximum." She then exchanged her serious look for a playful one. "Come on, Maximum. Time to get you patched up!" 


And, as the other three left to wrap the newcomer's wounds, I was left alone, condemned to my usual boredom. Without anyone to keep my sanity in check with, I would already be crazed. That was one thing I knew very well about myself. I couldn't be left alone for an extended amount of time, a month or so, or my thoughts would start to scare me. 

So I slumped down against the wall with a reeling mind, wondering when they would have that Maximum guy "patched up" or whatever. He wasn't like the rest of us, I could already tell. He may have amnesia and no idea why he was here like all of us, but none of us had woken with wounds. We had all been untouched since the moment we were in consciousness. 

I would have to keep a close eye on this newbie. 

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