1. Character Introduction

Author's Note

Before I start with the story, I like to give a little introduction to my characters, similar to a prologue. This chapter will act as such.



Maximum is the tall, ginger-ish haired boy that just so happens to be on the cover of this Fanfic. He will be referred to throughout the story as Max several times, however he prefers his full name. Besides being the main character, I don't have much to say about him that wouldn't give away too much of the story.



Though given a rather masculine name, this character happens to be a long-haired, blonde female. Further details will not be explored upon, as she is just like the character above and cannot be explained without ruining some of the story.



Scourge has medium-length, shaggy black hair with white streaks and is rather short in height. Though scrawny looking and easily underestimated, as he will be throughout the Fanfic, he isn't what he seems, hence his name.



Violet is the youngest of the main characters, only 13. She has short, purple hair and a rather cute appearance. She will be one of the less-mentioned of the main characters until further into the story.

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