Popular Vs Not

Harry is known everywhere in the school.But Jane isn't no one talks to her she cuts and she is a does Wicca.Harry likes her she kinda does Harry wants to help her from getting bullied.Will she let Harry in? Or just ignore him?


1. Trying to help

Janes pov 

I was walking in the hallway when some one screamed LOSER!! haha They started to laugh.It was Zayn the "cool" one So was there other little gang One Direction.Hey emo stop right there Louis said laughing walking over to me i just kept walking.

He grabbed my shoulder and threw me at the wall i just sat there as i could feel his warm breath against my nose.(He was my ex)Now listen the next time i tell you what to do.Would if i don't i said looking up at him.Then this will happen he took a swing i hided my face waiting for it but 

Harry took his hand and said finish her later no need for right now.Louis walked away giving me a glare.Need help love? Harry and pulled his hand i ignored his offer and just looked at him and got up.

Wanna walk to class with me?Sure i said and walked away.Why don't you smile? he asked.I do i try to smirk but i could not.Sure he said.We walked in the classroom Harry winked at me i gave him a weird look.

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