Popular Vs Not

Harry is known everywhere in the school.But Jane isn't no one talks to her she cuts and she is a does Wicca.Harry likes her she kinda does Harry wants to help her from getting bullied.Will she let Harry in? Or just ignore him?


2. A funny feeling

As we split up to different classes i felt a funny feelings in my stomach.I did not even notice but i was actually smiling.HEY NERD WHAT YA SMILING ABOUT? Louis screamed across the room.I just gave him a death glare.(I look like the girl in the picture)He just giggled.The bell rang.I walked out It was lunch time.

I just walked outside on a bench and ate my lunch.Some one tapped my shoulder.I looked over It was Harry!Yes? i asked trying to hide my smile.May i eat here? He asked.Yes why not! i said patting the seat next to me.Hang on was this a bet from Louis?

No of course not.He said taking a bite.Why would you ask a stupid question like that? He asked with confusion all over his face.Well you are popular and i am well like the emo faggot i said looking down.Don't say that you are beautiful and i don't care what people think! He said with his food shoved in his mouth.

I smiled and giggled.I like it when you smile you are so pretty when you are happy.I blushed he moved my hair from my face.I like you and i am going to make sure no one will hurt you anymore.He said.Thank you i said feeling my face getting redder then a tomato.

I love it when you blush.He said.Just as we were leaning in i could feel his nose touch mine.Hey What are you doing with that nerd.I heard Louis's voice behind me.YOU KNOW WHAT LOUIS GO FUCK OFF AND FUCK WITH SOME ONE ELSE AND GROW BALLS! i yelled Louis just smiled and patted me on the back.

That is my girl.Harry just did not know what to do he did not know if he should pull me away or what.Thanks i guess i said confused.  

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