Little Black Dress

Hi first movalla so a I hope u like! It is about a girl named Cathy who meets Harry Styles. I wipe the sweat off my head as another bell goes off. I look up and there he is. Harry Styles


1. Work

"Hi welcome to Howdy's! May I take your order?" I say for the 50th time today. "One hamburger with cola please." "Will that be all" I punch in hamburger on the computer "Yes," I grab my things and make a dash for my car. I want out of there as fast as I can. I swing the door open and turn the key. The radio sparks to life. "I tried playing it cool. But when I'm looking at you." I turn it up. "Ah! The consert!" "Hi mum!" She hands me the tickets. Ding dong. "Hi Emma!" Emma drags me into my room. "What dress?" She holds up a sparkling blue one and a pink one. "Blue, It makes your eyes pop out," "Thanks!" She slips on the blue one. I hand her a pink handbag. I pulled out a big white poster board.

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