Little Black Dress

Hi first movalla so a I hope u like! It is about a girl named Cathy who meets Harry Styles. I wipe the sweat off my head as another bell goes off. I look up and there he is. Harry Styles


2. Consert

We pull up and find a place to park. Emma squels. People from all over. British and Americans are here. You can tell if they are Americans beacuse they always fake an accsent. "I see the tour bus!"  Harry and Niall (our favorites) are now single! My heels clinck against the concrete. Emma's flats make no sound. OMG! Up ahead is Harry and Niall " OMG! do you see what I see?!" Emma runs up to theam. I can't run so  I run over as fast as I can. 

  "Hello loves!" Harry says his head focused on his phone. He has one final tap and he looks up. He drops his phone and his jaw drops. "Um hello?" I ask. "Are you single?" Of course I am! "Yeah." He picks up his iPhone but it was in Lifeproof case so no damage was done. "After the consent you want to see a movie?" OMG Harry Styles just asked me out! I had to say yes! "That would be lovely," 

 "And she stole my heart. Just one look, yeah. Been waiting for a girl like you!" They wrap up their concert and Harry finds me some how. "Hello love!" "Hi Harry!" I hand him a Cole and he slurps it up. " he wraps his arm around me and leads me to his bus. Niall and Emma are enjoying them self hugging. Woah I take in all that has happened. Louis and Liam and on their lap tops and Zayn is listening to some music. "What movie?" "Um any romance," Harry smirks. 

   He lays me on his lap and starts brushing through my hair. "Not uh! I want to know before anything happens," Harry frowns. He looks hurt. I hate that look!"

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