Through The Dark

Breathe in.
It's your turn.
Your turn to prove to the world that you are more than an age or weight.
More than the percentage on your paper.
More than the number that is you bank statement.
You are more than a number, and now is your turn to shine.


4. You And I

Chapter Three : You and I

I woke up in a new environment than I recall being in. Last I remember I was laying on the cool asphalt surrounded by my blood.

And the man.

I remember the man, touching my face gingerly and brushing my hair to the side; comforting me.

The door flies open and in rush Eve and Noelle.

"Eve, Noelle and I have been best friends ever since they saved me in grade 8. No, they didn't save my life from alcohol or anything, they saved my life from embarrassment."

"You mean Auntie Evey and Auntie Noelle?"

"Yes baby, Auntie Noelle and Auntie Eve."

She smiled recalling her favourite aunts. Of course she loves her other aunts just as much but Noelle and Eve spoil her rotten.

"Can I continue now Aly?"

"Yes Mommy. You can keep going."

"So like I was saying, Auntie Eve and Aunt Noelle came running to the side of my bed."

"Kat! Oh my God! What happened to you?!" Noelle whipped her long, blond hair from her face. It was like a curtain of silky gold. Noelle was always a pretty girl. She had big brown eyes that looked like melted chocolate, and her smile always seemed to silence the room. She could crack a joke and at the same time crack a limb; she was very athletic.

"Jacob is what happened." I shrugged.

"Oh. Am I ever going to murder that boy!" Eve was always the mother-hen. She worried about everyone's safety before her own. She was also that one girl in school that got the good grades but was pretty enough to be classified as 'cool'. She had freckles and her hair was always changing. Right now it was jet-black.

"Guys, nothing can be done now. It's done, it happened. We can't change the past."

"It's just so horrible Katie. I refuse to believe it." Noelle wipes the tears from her eyes.

"The sooner we overcome this the easier it will be to forget, alright?" I looked both of them directly in the eye while I spoke. Nodding their heads, they both embrace me in a little group hug.

"Oh" I bring my eyes up to the stranger who entered the room, only to realize that he's not a stranger at all.

"Harry. Hi. Guys could you give us a second?" I look towards the girls to see if it's fine but they're already half way across the room.

"Get some rest babe."

"Will do Eve." I smiled at her as she closed the door behind her.

"So what are you doing here?" I ask not trying to be rude or anything, merely curious.

"To be perfectly honest, I think that the lady at the front desk gave me the wrong room on accident."

Oh. Here I was, thinking that he was the one who saved me and that he hadn't left the hospital since he had brought me here. Sigh, I guess not.

"What are you doing here though? What happened?" His eyes widened as he finally realized that I was indeed lying in a hospital bed.

"Uhmm..." The memories of that night came rushing back. Jacob's wandering hands, touching me in places I'd prefer not to be touched.

"I'm sorry, don't cry. Please don't cry. I hate seeing people cry. Please." Lifting my hand from my lap I dried the tears that ran from my eyes. Harry sat in the chair next to my bed. "You don't have to tell me Kate."

"I guess we should reschedule our date then, eh?" I giggled as he thought over my proposition.

"No. We will have fun here. I would hate for you to be bored in the hospital." I smiled at his kind words. "Well I did come to find my aunt, so I'll see you later tonight then?"

"Yeah, I'll see you later Harry."

Harry bent down and placed his lips on the back of my hand and he kissed it gently.

"Bye Katie."

"See you."

Just as Harry opened the door, Noelle and Eve came tumbling in the room.

"Afternoon ladies." Harry winked at me then left, closing the door behind him.

"He was cute Kat! Oh my God! Where do you meet all the cute ones?" Noelle was always a flirt.

I blushed, "We aren't together guys, but he is coming by tonight for dinner."

"But you're not allowed to leave the hospital?" Eve was truly confused. I giggled before responding.

"He's bringing some food for us to eat here. He didn't want me to be bored or have to eat the hospital food."

"Yuck! I absolutely hate hospital food!"

"Eve you only like expensive things like lobster and fillet mignon and oysters."

"Says you Noelle! You'll eat just about anything! I don't even know where you put it half the time! You're so fit!"

Noelle blushed, "thanks." She replied sheepishly.

"Guys, could you do me a huge favour?" They nodded their heads up and down in response. "Get me a fresh change of clothes? I want to be at least a tad more presentable for Harry." I smiled at them and they left after placing a kiss each on the top of my head.

"Bye Kat." They chorused.


Hours later, Harry and I were sat on opposite ends of my bed, sharing some Chinese take-out. I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, not too dressy or not too casual.

Harry and I chatted for a good two hours before stopping.

"You're beautiful." My eyes widened in shock.

"T-thanks." I blushed and stared into my lap, playing with my fingers.

"I realize we have just met and that this probably seems rash, but would you like to be my girlfriend?" He smiled shyly at me and I tried, but failed, to hold my excitement.

"I'd love that." I smiled at him and he grabbed my hand.

"Perfect. From now on, it'll be you and I."

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