Through The Dark

Breathe in.
It's your turn.
Your turn to prove to the world that you are more than an age or weight.
More than the percentage on your paper.
More than the number that is you bank statement.
You are more than a number, and now is your turn to shine.


3. Look After You

Chapter Two : Look After You


After meeting Harry at the cafe, my heart was a non-stop butterfly; fluttering. It skipped beats when his raspy voice echoed in my head, it squeezed when I thought of our upcoming date tomorrow night, and it just stops when I recall his lips gingerly placing a peck upon my cheek.

I turn the corner onto my street and I know well enough now to walk with my head down. I can feel their eyes on my as I walk, I can feel them staring. I hear them yelling foul words and phrases across the street but if I've learnt anything, it's to keep my head down and just keep walking.

Today though, was different. Jacob strolled right across the street and I picked up my pace. Jacob matched my pace and caught my arm easily. Spinning me around he grabbed my waist.

"Hey there beautiful." Jacob seems to have a signature smirk that shows up when he's trapped his prey.

"Don't touch me." I spat. My words venomous; my eyes daggers.

"Come on baby. We could have fun." His smirk grew, "You and me. Together."

"You make me sick." He chuckled deeply.

"Good." He started to pull on my arm, dragging me away from my house.

"Get off me!" I yanked and pulled at my arm, trying to free myself from his grip. He pulled me until we were secluded behind a building; in the shadows. "HELP!"

My desperate scream was cut short when he slapped me. His hand creating a clean, crisp slap that rippled through the cool air. Shrivelling down in fear I held back a sob.

Don't be weak.

How can I not be weak right now?

His hand came up and he dragged the back of it alongside my face.

"Beautiful girl." He cooed. I flinched backwards as his lips made contact to my neck. Struggling against his hold.

"Stop! Stop please! Somebody! Anybody please help me!" My voice was hoarse as I screamed for help. Desperate for anyone to hear me, desperate to be saved.

Suddenly a fist was brought down upon my cheek. Again and again it hit me; blows to the face and stomach. As I cripple to the ground, kicks are rewarded to my stomach and a stream of blood trickles from my mouth. The taste of iron on my tongue.

Jacob crouches down before me, "You need to learn, beautiful. What I want, I get. And right now, I want you." He sneered as he drug his rough, callused hand up my bare leg. Stoping on my inner thigh to rub circles with his thumb. His tongue snuck out from his mouth and wet his lips. "I want you real bad."

With that, he tore off my shorts, despite my desperate pleas, and entered me quickly and dirtily. He was quick to the point and discarded me easily after.

"Get up slut." He spat in my face before stalking off back to his friends. He left me in the back alley, covered in my own blood, ready to die. The cool that comes with summer's nights greeted me harshly, nipping at my skin, biting at my face. I continued to cry, hoping that someone would find me. It wasn't until I heard footsteps approaching that I got scared.

Was Jacob back for a second round?

I almost go by unnoticed until the man stumbles upon my limp body, unable to move or speak, or make any thing of what is currently going on, I merely groan and close my eyes. The stranger gasps and quickly rushes to my side, to my aid. Pulling out his phone he calls for help and his fingers fumble for my pulse.

"It'll be okay, love. I'll look after you."


Hello my lovelies!

I wanted to explain that each chapter is a song title.

Each of the songs are ones I enjoy and I will try to tie up each chapter with the chapter/song name.

If you want, feel free to listen to them. I would highly recommend them!

You guys are amazing and I love you all!



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