Through The Dark

Breathe in.
It's your turn.
Your turn to prove to the world that you are more than an age or weight.
More than the percentage on your paper.
More than the number that is you bank statement.
You are more than a number, and now is your turn to shine.


5. Kiss Me

Chapter Four: Kiss Me

It's been weeks since I've left the hospital but truth be told, I can't wrap my brain around what happened. Rape. You hear the word and almost think nothing of it, but once it happens, everything relates to it. I can tell Harry is worried. It's almost every night I wake up and call him because of the nightmares. He wants me to move in temporarily until I get better, but intimacy is not going to go well for me right now. I need to be alone, I need to fix myself.

"You don't have to fix yourself, Katherine. Let me fix you."

"Harry you don't understand. I can't touch anything without getting flashbacks or memories of that night. I'm scarred for life, nothing will fix me but time."

"Then I'll give you space I guess."

"Time and space are two different things Harry." I sighed, "I don't want to be far from you."

"I'll always be a call away love." He leaned in and pecked my cheek before standing and walking to my front door. "Good bye, I'll see you tomorrow?"

"You're going to stop by?" I asked.

"I was planning on it, unless you don't want me to." He trailed off at the end.

"No! I'd love for you to come over."

"Alright, I'll be here for 11? How's that sound?"

"Sounds perfect, I'll see you then."

"See you."

"Bye." Harry closed the door gently and his car was heard pulling out of my lane. That's the thing with Harry, he's always gentle, and caring; making sure I'm okay.

I stood from the couch and walked to the kitchen.

"There is literally no food in here." I said staring at my almost empty fridge; mustard, one slice of Kraft Slices, ketchup, one egg and, an almost empty carton of orange juice. Okay, wow. Shopping it is.

I slid into a fresh pair of skinny jeans and pulled a new top over my head. I put toms on my feet and walked out the door. It being spring, it's not too hot nor too cold. So I walk out as I am, not bothering with a jacket or a sweater.

I walked down to the market and was met with the noise that accompanies it. People chatting over fruits and veggies, bread, milk and eggs, and in some cases, jewellery.

I pushed my way to the fruits and picked out the various items; apples, oranges, bananas, limes, lemons, grapes, pomegranate, and kiwis. Then, I made my way to the vegetables; carrots, lettuce, avocados, celery, peppers and onions.

Milk, cheese and yogurt were all I grabbed from the dairy cart, and a loaf of bread for the mornings, alongside some eggs.

After buying all my stuff, I realized that I had to walk with it all in my arms, all the way home.

"Would you like a hand there love?" His voice sent shivers down my spine.

"Yeah, please." I giggled as he took the bags from my arms.

"By the looks of things if I hadn't shown up you would've been caught up in a pickle." He chuckled to himself and glanced over at me. Smiling, I stopped in front of my door. I lead the way upstairs and opened my door, I walked through my house to my kitchen and placed my bags on the counter.

"Just here?"

"Yeah there's fine." He nodded and placed the bags on the counter in front of me.

"Well I better be going. I have to meet up with some lads." He started to walk towards the door.

"Thank you, for helping me Harry."

"Anything for you babe." He shot me a wink and kissed my cheek.

"See you later on? I make a mean spaghetti?"

I laughed, "I'd love to Harry."

"Eight?" He asked.

"Eight." I confirmed.


"You did not!" I squealed.

"I did. I felt so bad because I honestly didn't mean to. She was just standing there and I turned around and slapped her. I swear I had no intentions on slapping her."

"That poor woman." I choked, laughing.

"I was sixteen and it was an accident." He chuckled deeply, "just like this."

Harry dipped his finger into his pasta sauce and dragged it across my cheek.

"HARRY!" I squealed. I sat up from where we were laying on the floor and sat on his stomach. I took a handful of pasta and smeared a dab on his nose.

"I don't like that." He whined, scrunching up his nose. I laughed at his face but quickly stopped when I saw his face turn serious.

Harry's hand rose and landed right on my hip, his other hand rising to my face. He wiped the pasta sauce from my cheek and left his hand to linger on my face.

"You are so beautiful."

I reached down and gingerly swept my finger over his nose; taking the sauce with it. His eyes closed on my contact but, when they opened, they were no longer filled with a playful look. It had turned from innocent banter, to a lusty stare.


"Yes Harry?"

"Can I kiss you right now?"


Before I could even finish my words Harry's lips crashed onto mine; moulding perfectly. His lips were soft and rough all at once; how, I'll never know. His kiss was different than I expected. And almost as soon as it had began, it had ended.

Harry pulled away, resting his forehead on mine.

"I really like you Kate. You make me nervous, but excited. Happy but scared, and you make me feel like I'm going to throw up whenever I'm around you. You give me crazy butterflies and I am so happy I met you." Harry smiled up at me and I traced his chest with my finger.

"Come here you fool and kiss me."

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