Through The Dark

Breathe in.
It's your turn.
Your turn to prove to the world that you are more than an age or weight.
More than the percentage on your paper.
More than the number that is you bank statement.
You are more than a number, and now is your turn to shine.


2. Cold Coffee


Chapter One : Cold Coffee




I hum in response to my little girl. She was sat on the floor with her colouring book laid out in front of her. She kicked her feet in the air mindlessly.

"Tell me a story Mommy? Pleaseee?" She looked up and pushed her little bottom lip out creating the perfect pout.

"Alright babygirl, which one?"

She pondered it for a while before exclaiming, "The story about how you and Daddy met!"

"I think you know that one enough to tell me now, how about another one?"

She shook her little head violently.


"Really? You want to hear that story that badly?"

She nodded her head quickly.

"Alrighty then, here we go. It was eight years ago, so three years before you were born..."




I stepped into the familiar coffee shop and the delicious aroma of coffee hit my nostrils. People sat at tables, enjoyed coffee and scones with friends and chatted quietly amongst themselves. I ordered my coffee as per usual and sat at my regular spot; the love-seat by the window.

While I sit, I take in my surroundings. Pale brown walls, chalk boards pinned on the walls behind the counter, little booths and tables scattered about, the fireplace before me, and my precious love-seat. While examining the room, my eyes are cast towards the back corner. A man was sat there with his coffee placed in front of him. He was a very attractive man, curly brown hair, green eyes, and the cutest smile. His eyes glistened as he laughed at a joke that his friend made. Just then, as he laughs, his eyes meet mine. I can practically feel the sparks. He smiles and waves before blushing and looking down. I can feel the heat rise to my cheeks. Fixing my eyes outside now to avoid any more embarrassment, I watch the people bustle about on their way to work. A man runs by with his briefcase in tow and a woman talks animatedly into her phone. The rain splatters on the window as I take another sip of coffee.

"Is this seat taken?"

I peel my eyes away from outside to see the man before me, gesturing to the other half of my love-seat.

"No! I-I mean, no. Nobody sits there. Well, people may sit there but not right now, unless you wanted to! Then someone would be sitting there. N-no, no one's sitting there but if you sat there then you would be sitting there thus concluding that the spot would be taken by you."

The man chuckled. "I'm Harry."

"Katherine," I shook his hand, "but my friends call me Kate, Katie, or Kat."

"Pleasure to meet you Kate, Katie or Kat"

Giggling I said, "Nice to meet you too."

"Look, I'm going to be completely honest with you. I came over here because I was dared to and-"

"Oh." My heart tightened with his words. I thought he was interested in me. I thought maybe he found my mid length, auburn hair pretty. Or maybe that he thought my blue eyes were a nice colour, or maybe that he thought my newly braceless smile was dazzling. But then again, maybe not.

"No! It's not like that at all! I was far too nervous to do ask you on a date like a proper man and they told me that a fine looking girl like you would never date me. So I asked them to shake on it. There is $40 riding on this for me. But I'm not in it for the money, I mean yeah, it would be nice to have them all pay me ten dollars but I'd win more than that if you said yes to a date with me." He smiled at the end causing my heart to flutter.

"They're all staring at you." I pointed out looking behind him at his friends.

"Let them look. I don't care. Unless of course they're making you uncomfortable, then I would tell them to bugger off." He looked at me with a cheeky grin and chuckled slightly.


He looked at me seriously, "You feel uncomfortable?" He started to rise from his seat and I placed my hand gingerly on his arm, pulling him back.

"I mean yes, I'll go on that date with you."

"Oh, prefect." He smiled before pulling out his phone and tapping on the 'Contacts' app. "Do you mind?"

"No! Not at all!" I typed in my name and cell phone number and saved it to his phone.

"Great. So I'll text you later then?"

"Sure, sounds perfect."

Harry rose from his seat and I with him. He leaned in and gingerly placed a tender kiss on my cheek, "See you soon, love." He gave me a small smile before walking back to the table with his friends.

Swinging open the cafe door, I walked home with my cold coffee in hand.

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