The Monster Inside

He fell for her, even after knowing what he'd done in the past. He couldn't fit in with her, because she wouldn't let him. Everything about him was evil to her and she wanted nothing to do with it or him. She had no idea what he was capable and eventually underestimates him. She then realizes there's a monster inside the boy and he's dangerous and he has to sleep in the same house as her at night. How could you feel safe?


2. The Monster Inside: Chapter 2

Chapter 2:

Beauty & The Monster

Renée's POV:

"Renée, wake up dude." Hannah shook me to wake me up and I groaned. "Wake up, wake up, wake up." "What???" I groaned. "There's a really hot guy downstairs." I put my arm over my face and blocked the sunlight from my eyes. "Mom wants you downstairs." I sighed and threw my blanket over and got out of bed.

I followed Hannah downstairs as she was giggling and saying how hot this guy was. Everyone was in the kitchen eating. And Hannah walked in with a smile on her face. "She's up." and I walked in seeing a kid who was in a black shirt looking up at me. Neither one of us said anything to each other, until my mom broke the silence between us. "Renée, this is Harry. Harry, Renée." I gave him a warm smile "Nice to meet you." he nodded looking away. I looked at my mom and raised my eyebrow, she shrugged and continued eating.

I walked over to the empty chair next to Harry and scooted in. Harry pressed his lips together and played with his food. I looked over at Drake and stuck out my hand. "Drake, pass the pancakes?" I asked. "You get them." I pouted my lips and reached across Harry to grab them as he started to breathe heavily and look away. I looked at him and stared. There was something weird about him for sure.

Harry's POV:

For once, I didn't want to hurt a girl. I wanted to be loved by one, and Renée was the one I wanted to be loved by.

Renée sat back down after getting the pancakes and accidentally bumped shoulders with me as she did. "Sorry" she said and I looked down at her and stared into her beautiful eyes and couldn't stop. She eventually looked away after a few seconds. I could tell she thought I was weird.

Her sister, Hannah kept staring at me and smiling. I smiled back and continued to eat. I think it was obvious to see that Hannah had a crush on me already.

"So, Harry," Hannah said resting her head on her hand. "you have a girlfriend?" Renée giggled and I looked at her, before looking back to Hannah. "No." I looked back down at my plate. "You're straight forward." Renée said to her sister and they both laughed. I closed my eyes and held my forehead. "Excuse me." I said and got up to go to the bathroom.

Renée's POV:

Once Harry was out of sight, I looked at my mom. "So you bring strange kids home," she looked at me. "is this a new thing you're going to keep up?" my mom frowned at me. I wanted to know why we had a freak at the breakfast table. "I hit him with my car Renée." "WITH THE CAMARO?!" I gushed and she looked at me. "What's it matter? it's not your car. It's mine." I narrowed my eyes at her and pointed at myself. "I drive it more." "Keep up the attitude and you won't drive it period." I rolled my eyes and continued eating.

"I hit him as he ran out of the woods." I looked back over. "He was running? From what?" I asked and she looked at me. "His mother was an alcoholic, she abused him. So you need to be nice. Use the cheeky flirting charm you do." "No. He's weird."

Harry's POV:

I heard Renée call weird. I knew she thought I was. Just like every other girl my age. They look at me like I'm a freak and always have. They can't understand me at all.

I walked out the bathroom and walked into the kitchen with my head low, until I heard a chair skid across the room and Renée got up. She stormed my way and ran into me and I didn't do anything. I looked back at her as she turned. "If you're going to stay here, stay out of my way." she said and turned back around to walk up the stairs. Seconds later, a door slammed shut.


Renée's POV:

I sat on my bed with Hannah. "You don't think that Harry guy is hot?" she asked me and I shrugged. "He's hot, but I don't like him." Hannah scrunched up her face. "Why not?!" "He's strange." I replied "But is not obvious you like him or anything." I playfully pushed her and she smiled and shrugged.

There was a knock on my door and looked. "Come in." I said and Harry opened the door, Hannah's face lit up, but I wasn't too happy to see him in my room. "What are you doing in here?" I asked and he looked at me. "Looking for Hannah. Your mum said she was usually up here with you." I got up and crossed my arms. I was protective over my little sister. "Just to tell her something." I watched him as he looked at Hannah. "Your mum told me to tell you that you're going to have to sleep with your wonderful sister here for awhile." I scoffed and rolled my eyes. "Just until I leave." "And when will that be?!" I smirked and he looked at me and examined my body slowly. I watched him and his eyes came back up to mine. He pressed his lips together and backed up a bit. "Just awhile." he said and backed up towards the door and walked out shutting it.

"He wants you, Renée." Hannah said and I turned to face her. "I saw him checking you out. He was basically eye fucking you." "Eye fuck-Hannah!" she smiled. "There was no eye fucking going on. Dad wouldn't even allow that." I laughed.

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