The Monster Inside

He fell for her, even after knowing what he'd done in the past. He couldn't fit in with her, because she wouldn't let him. Everything about him was evil to her and she wanted nothing to do with it or him. She had no idea what he was capable and eventually underestimates him. She then realizes there's a monster inside the boy and he's dangerous and he has to sleep in the same house as her at night. How could you feel safe?


1. The Monster Inside: Chapter 1

Chapter 1.

A Monster

Harry's POV:

"Was it you?" my mom asked shoving a binder in my face. I recognized it instantly and looked at her with wide green eyes. "Why else would you keep clippings of girls that have been strangled and murdered?" my mom sat on the couch and held her face. "Mom-" was all I could say. I couldn't explain myself, either way it would sound bad, because it was.

My mom got up and picked up the phone. "Mom, what are you doing?" I asked watching her dial the phone. "Calling the police!" she said and I dropped the binder on the floor. I walked up ripping the phone away from her ear and unplugged it from the wall. "Don't do that." I said and she turned and looked at me. "I raised you better than this, Harry!" I kept a straight face with her and didn't start crying and pleading for forgiveness. "Did you?" she was never there my whole childhood. she was passed out drunk most of it.

"Are you blaming this on me?" she asked and I stood still. "Monsters create other monsters." after I said that, I felt her hand collide with my face. I looked down at her and didn't hold the stinging side of my face. "How fucking dare you talk to me like that! I'm not to blame for this sick thing you've done!" She shook her head as she stared at me, before words that made me angry fell out her mouth, "You were the biggest mistake I've ever made." my eyes grew big again and those tears fought their way back into my eyes.

I grabbed her and couldn't control it, and before I knew it I blacked out and when I came to, she wasn't breathing anymore. I dropped her after I knew she wasn't and started to panic. I had to hide her body somewhere.


I ran out the house with a bag full of my stuff and I started to run into the woods. I didn't know where I was going to go, but I just going. For the first time, I was scared. I was scared, because I had no one now. Who would want me? I wanted to be different and I think if I had a different mother, I would of turned out better.

I wouldn't of been the monster I am. Maybe if someone could love me, but no one can now. I'm too damaged and dangerous for anyone to love. No girl could understand me and handle me.

I ran out of the woods and into the street. I didn't see the car that had been speeding down the road at me. I stopped and watched them hit me and I felt my body be thrown into the ditch on the side of the road.

Rae's POV:

I jumped out of the car and ran to the kid I had just hit hysterically. "Are you okay?!" I asked helping him up. He looked confused a bit and was looking around at where he was at. "Let me take you to the hospital." I said helping him to the car and driving off to the hospital.


He told me his name, it was Harry Styles and he was running away from his home. He sounded horrified when I asked why. He said his mom abused him and was a serious alcoholic. He told me her last words to him, that he was the biggest mistake of her life. Being a parent of two girls and one boy, I couldn't imagine me ever saying that to my kids.

I watched Harry through the window and the nurse came up to me. "Mrs. Stewart?" I turned to her when I heard her voice. "Is he okay?" I asked her and she nodded. "Yes, he has a few bumps and bruises, but he's going to be fine." I nodded and looked back at him. "Good, I thought I killed him." the nurse looked into the window with me. "Harold has no hold to go to. At least, that's what he's telling the doctors." she said and I looked over and nodded. "He ran away from his mother. She was a abusive alcoholic." she sighed and I looked back into the window at him. "Any chance you can take him home with you?" I looked back over and stared. "I have 3 kids already and bringing another strange kid into their lives-" "He's scared, Mrs. Stewart." I bit my lip. I didn't know how, Renée, Hannah and Drake would handle having another kid in the house. "Sure." I replied to her.


Harry's POV:

This lady offered to take me home. She was so nice to me, like my mom should of been. "So you have kids?" I asked looking at her. She nodded and pulled into a neighborhood of big houses. They must have been doing well for themselves.

"Yes, I have a 20 year old daughter named Renée, a 14 year old named Hannah and a boy named Drake who's 15." I looked over when she said she had a 20 year old. "I'll be 20 in just a few weeks." I said and she smiled. "You're not much younger than her then. She just turned 20 on December 20th." I smiled and looked out the window at the mansion we pulled up to. "This is your house?" I asked and she nodded and smiled getting out of the car.


Renée's POV:

Hannah was in my room as we were listening to "We Can't Stop" by Miley Cyrus. She was my baby sister and she looked up to me so much. She followed me everywhere and was ALWAYS in my room with me. I didn't mind, her and I were close.

"Does it hurt your first time Renée?" Hannah asked and I looked up. "You mean sex?" and she nodded. "Yes." she looked away and sighed. "I'm scared." I narrowed my eyes and laughed. "You better not be thinking of it." she looked over. "I'm not. I'm just saying."

I got up and hugged her. "If by any chance you do, tell me before you do and I'll give you some protection." she nodded and hugged me back. "I love you, Renée." she said and I smiled. "I love you, too." I kissed her cheek and let go. I looked in my mirror and looked at myself. "You're so pretty, Renée." Hannah said and I looked over and smiled at her. "You could actually marry a celebrity if you wanted." "Thank you, Hannah. You're a beauty yourself." and she smiled.

She got up and hugged me again and then walked out. which meant, she was going to bed. I figured I'd go to sleep, too. Mom was late and my eyes were heavy. I turned off my music and got in my bed and soon fell asleep.

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