My FangTastic Life (onedirection fanfiction)

It's about a girl named Kora Jones she is 18 (160) years old. Her 2 brothers and her sister are vampires also. Her best friend is Louis Tomlinson he was the one who changed her but what happens when Louis leaves her to go on the X factor and when he becomes the most loved boy band in the world. And all of his band mates are vampires also. Will Kora and Louis fall in love or will she fall in love with one of his band mates............!? Read to find out


1. let's begin

Kora's pov:

My name is Kora Jones I have 2 brothers and a sister I'm 18 years old or (160) and yes I am a vampire. Yea I know what your thinking I'm an evil blood sucking killer. Yea I may kill people or things and I do drink blood and yea maybe I am a little evil or in other words bad but you know I have feelings too and it's not like I choose to be this way It just kinda happened. Same with my brothers and sister. Ps: they would not still be alive if it wasn't for me. Well the reason why I'm a vampire is because my dad stabbed me in the stomach.


Mom!!! Noo!!! She can't be dead. I sat there screaming and crying staring at my moms dead body. I'm only 11 and my mom died today is January 8th ,1854. I'm at the house while my mom is in he bed dead we don't know what happened to her. But I think she might of had a disease a disease in her heart. But on September 22nd is my birthday and I'll be turning 12 yay I can't wait but today is a sad day and I will remember it for the rest of my life. My dad took her out in the back a Buried her. Me and my two brothers and my sister were just sitting staring at her grave my sister is really pretty she has reddish brownish blackish hair that is straight and goes a little past her breast and brown eyes she got them from our mom she is the oldest she is 19 oh also her name is Bella and my 16 year old brother kris well he has blonde hair that curly an goes to his eyes and in the back it goes to the bottom of his neck and his eyes are blue. My other brother Percy well he is kinda different from all of us he has brown hair that only curls at the ends and he has green eyes. Well me I have long blonde curly hair that goes all the way to the bottom of my back and my eyes are sky/aqua blue with a dark blue outlining and gold in the middle. We are all very tan even though is really cold and snowing out. Bella doesn't live with us same with kris they live a couple ways down.

...........................……............................................. Yay it's my birthday but I'm 12 and not very happy lately my dad has been abusing me and Percy and it hurts. He I constantly drinking and is very aggressive.

*skip to age 18*

I now live by myself with my dad and his drunk of a girlfriend the abuse got even more worse even my dads girlfriend abuses me but now I have a plan I'm going to run away tonight. It's now January 10, 1861 *5 hours later* finally I'm walking down the corn mazes when I hear a blood curtailing scream. I stop and wonder where it came from. I want to go see where it came from but my gut keeps telling me to keep walking by I ignore and walk off to find out where it came from. Suddenly I came across something. I was hiding in the corn maze bushes and was watching. I couldn't believe my eyes. My best friend Louis Tomlinson was a vampire and drinking the life out of his ex girl friend shady or shay. I started to slowly back up but then fell over a pile of corn. Louis then stopped what he was doing looked at me and dropped poor shady on the ground. He started to come closer to me and I started backing up more begging him not hurt me or kill me. He stopped in front of me looking sad and hurt at me.:Kora I'm not going to hurt you but can u please tell me why you are covered in bruises and are out here this late at night Louis said. It then started to snow. I uh I'm running away because my dad and his girlfriend were abusing me and I got tired of it so I left. He looked like he was about to cry but his eyes were no longer red they were now gray and gold almost as if he was sad but yet happy. I'm so sad that your father would hurt you but yet happy that you got away he said. Well thy explains it I said thinking out load. What are my eyes gray and gold? he asked. Yea I remember you telling me when we were in your room you were telling me your obsession with vampires and u told me when they have their fangs out that their eyes are gold but when they are hungry or super duper mad the turn a blood red and if they are sad they turn gray but you also said that other vampires don't have gold eyes and that they have black or bright green an if they are really special they have bright blue eyes. Well you my friend have a good memory. He said. Yea I giggled a little. Does that mean the guys you Han out with are vampires too. He chuckled ah no they are regular human just like you well you better get going if you don't want your dad to find you oh and if u ever need help or are in trouble just remember I'll be watching in a non stalkerish way Louis said. Yea and ok well bye Louis I'll miss you we hugged and he smelt really bad. I do!? Louis said out load like He read my mind. Oh sorry I read your mind that's my vampire power oh and I'll miss you too Louis said. Yea well bye. I then left and then a couple of days later my dad found me and stabbed me in the stomach I screamed and fell to the ground with tears spilling out of my eyes. My dad laughed and just left me there he then said that he was now going to stab my brothers and sister. I tried to stop him but I couldn't move and I could hear my heart slowly starting to beat slower and slower then in a flash Louis was at my side. LOUIS IT HURTS IT HURTS!!!! I screamed. SHH!SHH! I know it does but I'm going to save you ok I'm going to help you he said tears filling in his eyes. I then screamed loader because of the pain and then that's when Louis bit me spreading his venom through my vains. I could feel the venom it hurt like hell. It was like a burning sensation going through my whole body it hurt so I bad I started to scream and then Louis covered his ears and looked away starting to cry. After about an hour of pain I fell asleep. When I woke up Louis was looking at me and I shot up super fast and Louis got up with me. Loui how long have I been out. Uh Odontoceti maybe 2 hours he said. Louis we need to go save my brothers and my sister. He then nodded when we got to Percy and krises house they were on the floor bleeding they got shot. I quickly went up to them an had their eyes closed but I could hear their hearts barely beating I bit them both left a note to meet me and Louis in are original meeting spot when they see this. We then ran away before I could hear anything because I don't want hear my brothers scream for dear life because of the burning pain the venom put you through. When we got to Bella's house she was looking at us crying she was shot to but she was still standing when she fell I juried and bit into her wrist and left the same note I left the boys and went to go kill my father. My fathers name is rick and his girlfriends name is June. When I got to my fathers house he was drinking huddled in a corner when he saw me and my piercing blood red eyes he started to shake and scream. I then ran up to him picked him up by his throat with on hand and told him that I'll never forgive him for why he did. He then started to cry an then I bit his neck and drank all of his blood dry no more I then dropped him on the floor when I turned around June was right there with white witch eyes I new there was something wrong with her. She put her hand out an made me fall to my knees by some kind of burning sensation it hurt Louis then noticed why she was doing and pushed her and when the sensation stopped I jumped up an me and Louis ran out vampire speed to the meeting place.


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