My Poetry


1. You Can't Come Around

I can light the world on fire
 Or put out every flame
 The truth is that I'm tired
 And I think you're to blame

 It's like falling through the water
 And forgetting how to swim
 Or flying high and higher
 With every single sin

 Survivals my only option
 It's not called living anymore
 With one little question
 You were out the door

 I can't deny you're golden
 But I can say this much
 The truth is here unfoldin'
 And you're still out of touch

 The pain still eerily lingers
 Sometimes I just break down
 When I see those reminders
 That you can't come around

 Try and hold on
 but the pain is too strong
 You think I'm gone
 I'm here trying to move on

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