Forever and Always in love with you.


1. He Found Me.

Well I'm Christy. I'm 16 and I have to run away from home. Don't ask.


I've been running for hours. Where am I even going? Then I thought about why I left. My abusive, f*cked up family. My dad he tried to rape me and that's why I ran. My mum has always hit me. At first only when I was bad but now it was when ever she had a bad day, which was everyday. I miss Harry. He used to be my best friend but then I don't know what happened and he left. Then something hit my side. It was the worst pain I've ever felt in my life.


I loved her. I really did I don't know why I left her. I should've told her I loved her. I was so caught in my thought I didn't see a almost lifeless body laying on the road. I quickly got out of my car and soon I realized.... Christina?! I had to get her to a hospital. I picked her up and put her in my car. I didn't care it her blood stained my white shirt or my back seat. I had to get the girl that I loved to the hospital. I love her? Yes i do.


I wake up and see him. His face oh so familiar. Those bright green orbs, his gorgeous hair and those dimples! He's.......H-Harry. "Harry?" I say weakly. "The one and only." He says cheekily while showing his perfect smile. Wait. I can't love Harry. He left me at the weakest point of my life. I can't help but cry. "What happened love?" He says worried. "Y-You l-left m-me!" I basically scream. "W-Why Harry? Why did you leave me when I needed you most?" I sob.


"I'm f*ucking stupid! I'll never forget why I left you. I left you because I went to audition on X-factor. When I left i didn't say good bye because the thought of leaving the girl I loved and love to this very day behind had the ability to reduce me to tears." I say as tears fall down my cheeks. I just let out the tears I've been holding since I left. "Y-You love me? The scarred, bruised, abused me?" She managed to say. "Yes. I love you. Always have always will." I tell her. Then I hand her the necklace I had gotten the day I left that I vowed I would one day give to her. 'Forever and Always in love with you. ~Harry.' I hope she likes it.


He found me. He loves me! He really does! He handed me a necklace that opened and was in the shape of a heart and it said 'Forever and Always in love wth you. ~Harry.' "I love it. But not as much as I love you." I say looking him staight in the eyes. "Open it." He says with his genuine smile. I do. The a note falls out. The note says: "Do you want to be my girlfriend?" Harry says it too. He looks straight at me. I ask for a piece of paper and a pen. I hand him the note and read along. "Thought you'd never ask. Of course."

Author's note:

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