Hi I'm Christain


3. Who am I

I woke up in a hospital bed I think? I don't know where I am actually.

I turned my head to see a man sitting next to me. " Who are you?" , I said in confusion. " Im Harry...Harry Styles.", the man said. "Oh hi Harry I'm I'm not sure who I am?" I said.

The doctor walked into the room with a clipboard in his hand. "Your Christain... Christain Meago." The doctor replied.

" Where do I live?" I said. " I'm not sure but is it ok if you come home with me?" Harry replied. "Sure!"I said

-------------------In Harry's Car-----------

"Hay why was I in the hospital?", I asked. " you where walking around The Maddison Square Garden right after our concert and when we where leave the door hit you and you passed out." Harry said as he started the car.

"Concert? Your famous."I asked Harry. " Yes I'm apart of a British boy band called One Direction." Harry explained. "So that explains the accent" I joked.

When we got back to Harry's place he showed me my room and said that later today we would go shopping to get clothes and other stuff for me.

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