Hi I'm Christain


6. The fans

"You do" I asked. "Yes with all my heart"Harry replied. "We should leave know I think I see some paparazzi". We paid a slowly walked out of the apple store.

A random gust of wind came an blew Harry hat right off his head. Harry struggled picking them up and as soon as he got them off his the ground his sunglasses fell to the ground.

Out of the corner of my ear I heard a young girl scream "OMG ITS HARRY STYLES".Harry grabbed my hand an bolted into his car.

What was one girl pounding on the window know was 100. Harry pulled out his phone and called a the police.

"Who are you calling Harry"I asked "the police they always help me in cases like this." Harry said as he was dialing the police.

5 minutes later the police should up slowly clearing a path. In the distance I could see people holding up flashing lights. " Who are they" I asked Harry. "Oh no the paparazzi".

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