Hi I'm Christain


8. Meeting the boys

As soon as we got home I ran up stairs to put all my new stuff away. When I was finished I ran down stairs to see Harry with 4 other guys sitting on the couch watching something." Harry" I called him over. "Oh hi Christain,these guys are the rest of One Direction"Harry replied." Sorry guys I'm Christain." I told the guys.

" I'm Louis Tomlinson" a boy in a blue striped shirt." Hi Louis." I replied.

Next a boy with blackish hair came up "Hi I'm Zayn Malik.

"Hi Zayn " I said

Next a tallish boy came up "Hi I'm Liam Payne." "Well hi Liam"

Finally a blonde boy came up to me."Hello I'm Niall Horan and I'm HUNGRY" Niall shouted. "Hi Niall" I laughed.

"Now that you have met everyone lets through a party." Harry said."Ok what time?" Louis asked. " Well it's 5:30 now so how about 6:30." Harry replied. "No I need till 7 to do my hair" Zayn bugged." Ya and who's making the food." Niall screamed.

"We will" a girl said walking into the door with two people following. "Hi I'm Perry and they are Eleanor and Sophia" Perry said. "Hi Perry,Eleanor, and Sophia" I replied.

--------------------------------10 minutes later -------------------------

Me and Harry were alone in the living room." Is there anymore people I have to meet" I asked. "Maybe some business people at the party" Harry said. "What should I dress in."I asked. "Something pretty" Harry said. I laughed. All of a sudden Harry leaned in like he wanted a kiss. I pushed him back. He looked at me in confusion. "Save it for tonight" I told him. He smiled back at me. I walked back to my room leaving Harry in the living room.

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