Hi I'm Christain


5. Lets Go Shopping

"Harry are you ready to go shopping now" I yelled. " Just a minute" Harry yelled back.

I was sitting in my room just looking around at all the cool nicknacks on the desk. I heard my stomach growl so I got off of my bed to go downstairs. Which I did not know where it was because his house is HUGE.

After a minute of walking the hallways I finally found the staircase going down.

I got down stairs to see a big open room with a couch and a giant tv on the wall. I decided to sit down because that's what it look like you were supposed to do. How would I remember I lost by memory.

"Harry are you ready yet" I yelled. "Yes I'm coming downstairs right now" Harry replied

When Harry got downstairs he was wearing a star track shirt with tight jeans sunglasses and a fedora.

"What's with the outfit" I asked. "I need to dress differently when I go out in public" Harry answered.

We went outside to Harrys car and got in. Harry turned on the radio to Hits One. The first song that turned on was Story of my Life. "This song is good what do you think about it" I asked. Harry laughed "That's one of our songs". "Oh well I love it".

-------------------At The Mall --------------

"Follow me" Harry whispered. I did as he told. I he should me a store called Delia's which had some of the cutest clothes.

I tried on tons if clothes and Harry liked them all on me. I felt bad about Harry buying me all new clothes and other things, but he said it was his pleasure.

--------------------After the Mall--------

"Thank you so much for all the clothes" I told Harry. " No problem but we still need to get you a phone" Harry explained. "What's a phone" I asked. A phone is a mobile device that you can make calls on and other stuff like that" Harry said. "Cool"I said.

------------------------At the Apple Store--------

"Here we go an iPhone 5s" Harry said handing me the box. " Thanks" I said back. "Can we also get an iPad an a Mac book" Harry told the apple employe.

"You know you don't have to do this" I told Harry. "Yes I do " Harry quickly said back. " Why" I questioned Harry. "Because I love you" Harry quickly said back.

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